Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watch out!

Speak about addiction. Yea, I talking about internet addiction. Last couple of weeks, I just spent too much time chatting, emailing and surfing and these make my normal routines in chaos. No longer I spent as much time taking care of my trucks. I just do not want it to create problems with my family. So far it is still so good but I think she realises I'd not watched as much TV as I used too.

Blogging has never interrupted me. I had known when to start and stop. I prefer to blog simple rather than putting too many useless widgets around clattering up the space. I prefer simple and neat.

But got addicted to chatting and emailing for the simple reason that I got stressed out too much and wanted relaxation and when I found some one online of my similar nature, I got too much addicted to chat and that I wanted to share all my thoughts and feelings.

Luckily the inner conscious was awake which was keeping a check on me. But the newly addicted mind insisted to get back online and keep writing every other day to my online friends.

No matter how, I am proud to be able to keep my consciousness awake. The Conscious keeps reminding me behind my mind that spending too much time on something is wasting precious time which can be spent on something more productive. Arthur, you've got to know you are about the cross the line! I don't wish to be taken advantage of and get deeper into this addiction which was like my smoker days.

Blessings to you :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Know when to say "No"

It could be difficult to say "No" or turning a person down. Especially if the person asking you is a pretty thing. Deep inside, your subconscious tells you to say "No", but consciously, you unwillingly yet obligingly agree to it. It could be the hardest moments in your life. Imagine, some friends ask you to try out smoking. You know it was bad to your health, yet, in front of several pairs of eyes staring and cheering you, you unwillingly accepted. Do I deserve sympathy for that?

I just had that problem saying "No". That's why I do my best to steer clear of the possible situations which will make me unwillingly oblige. I had always thought saying 'NO' means you are getting into bad books of others. So I had been accepting things to do or execute at the cost of my own interests. This all happened till couple of years back.

At one point I realized it wasn't healthy. I started learning to say "NO" when absolutely it was not needed. It was tough in the beginning. People who were not used to receive "No" as an answer from me got shocked. But I had to do it. When I started doing it I realized how much of burden I was taking onto my self.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

proud of

While searching for information, I stumbled across this blog called Maria Duval, Psychic that features a lot information about her services. There are many which I have never heard of and I think these are not available here.

On the other hand, I'm also very happy to learn web terminology like pagerank, thanks all to the continuous care of this blog this past year or so. I read that getting a pagerank 4 for a newer blog like mine is a little achievement which a new blogger can be proud of.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

to live in balance

As a spiritual person, I'm a very strong believer in tapping the power of nature, and only in a safe and smart ways so as not to disrupt its delicate balance. This country needs to control its energy usage. I've seen too many people wasting precious energies by leaving lights in their houses on all the time.

With such powerful resources available from the elements of nature, such as air, water, and solar power, it is ideal we should proactively check out and explore what're the alternative ways for us to tap on. Who needs resources which pollute the planet and destroys our ecosystems, when the Creator has provided us with everything we need, if we just open our eyes?

My family and some close friends are very dedicated to live in happy balance with our surrounding. We learn how to grow fruits and vegetables, picking up herbal medicine knowledge and wilderness survival. Also, we are keenly interested in how to build our homes with the Power of Nature in mind. It gives me hope for a better future for our generations and the Earth. Just imagine the possibilities…