Saturday, July 25, 2009

Living Philosophy

How can we live a better life?

At times life seems like a tough struggle, and nothing enjoyable at all. We prick our ears for every promise for a better life and a relief of our misery, but can we get disappointed each single time, unless we deceive ourselves into thinking that we found our solution.

Attempt after attempt to either entertain ourselves to forget how cruel life can be sometimes or to find a final solution to out problem we come to realize that life will always be the way it is, and we are bound to suffer whether we admit that or not.

No one can tell us how to live a better life, or how to face the terrifying existence, but we have to know that ourselves.

And to philosophize is to try to be wiser, and thus a philosopher (a lover of wisdom) strives not only for knowledge, but also for how to view life, not only for knowing what to think but also for learning how to think, and more importantly, how to live.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Closer with Nature

Today I wish to talk about Nature.

You see, the Sun, we all know, has an tremendous effect upon both our physical and mental health. Our brains produce endorphins which make us feel good when the sun is shining upon us, and different vitamins are also stimulated in the sun.

At the same time, we also know the impact which too much sun can have upon us. Balance is always the key. Nature is balanced, and perhaps this is why we humans feel a greater sense of balance when we are surrounded by nature.

From Maria Duval's closet, she says everything transmits energy, including each leaf and flower around you.

Based on this reasoning, I for one am absolutely certain that the energy transmitted by the ocean, or the trees, or the sun, is more lifting to the spirits than that produced by the vast majority of things which are man-made!

Being close with nature provides a welcome relief from stress, anxiety and tension, at least for me! If you are for some reasons just won't able to get intimate with nature often, you can surround yourself with plants, or pictures of natural scenes, or at the very least you can close your eyes and visualize such scenes.

That will really provide you some good substitutions!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Expel the bad energy inside you

Are you able to feel aware of what inspires you? Get quiet for a moment and take a really deep inhalation. As you inhale, feel all the people who love you.

Breathe in every iota of desire you have ever felt for wanting to be, do and have more than the voices inside of your head think you can.B

Expel the negative energy that is building up inside you, come on, we all have different "strains" of negative energy inside us. We got to move it out!

Visualize all the negative energy releasing through a chord dropping down deep into the earth.

Visualize negative energy and stagnation being burned and releasing steam, as you allow yourself to receive guidance for what inspires you.

Forgive yourself for ever going against what inspires you and connect to the voice of your Soul.

Thank you, Maria Duval for once again enlightening me! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Creating Success

Just a short post about creating success.

Maria Duval says that every successful person knows that effort, creativity, openness to learning, and perseverance are what create success, not necessarily high intelligence, talent, or ability. Every truly successful person is someone who has not allowed failure to stop him or her from forging ahead with passion and purpose.

I encourage you to tell yourself that it is okay to make mistakes and okay to fail. I encourage you to see mistakes and failures as wonderful learning opportunities for growth. I encourage you to let go of the outcome and allow yourself to become fully excited about the process learning, of growth, and of creation. Being fully present and excited for the process is what life is all about!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fragile minds

People's mind could be quite fragile nowadays, especially teens who need a lot of self ego and pride. It's never too late to help one if you notice anything unusual, but do not let the time run out on someone that you love.

It is very heartbreaking to see a fine young person withers and results in a tragedy. It's very down to see many of them never coming back before they can realize their full potential. It is partly due to ignorance, fragility of the mind and overbearing desire to mark a statement on their families.

Young people today are too easily susceptible to the temptations of our harsh world. I have a cousin who is 15 year old and I know how uneasy his parents are feeling right now. He has turned from a perfectly obedient kid into a rather defiant young man now.

It's easy to blame but blame is not action. Parents and teens experience a variety of intense emotions during this difficult period of life. It's okay to feel clueless, it's okay to feel alone, and it's okay to seek out help.

Don't start building regrets, take action. Take a moment to guide yourself, or someone you love in the right direction.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking control of our actions

Successful people in all fields have acquired and mastered a vital Secret Weapon- taking control of their lives.

They don’t just do this during the good times; they take control all the time. If something good happens in their life, they know it is because of their direct efforts and actions.

In contrast, if things don’t go as planned, they know that the finger points only at them. Mastering this weapon means that there is no pointing the finger at anyone but the person in control.

And that person is you

Most people are quick to mention their contribution should something go according to plan, yet they are the first to point fingers when things go wrong. You will notice that these people are far from successful.

Successful people take ownership of the decisions they make, the good and the bad.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day
Happy Independence Day!

Wish our country is strong and prosperous and we continue to rule the world!

I am proud be an American.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Place at the top

Anyone can reach the top through dedication and hardwork. It's all in your mind whether you can do it or not. Maria Duval suggests some guidelines that can help to bring you to the room at the top.

I suggest that you try to follow the precepts daily and surely, you will not be disappointed!

1. Be true to yourself. Always follow the dreams and desire of your heart. Remember, you are the architect of your destiny and you are the architect of your fate. Avoid looking back instead move forward and follow your calling.

2. Study the lives of highly successful people. Read their biographies, their writings and copy their formula of success and apply it to yourself. Surely, two to five years from now, you will be at the top of your dreams.

3. Read a good book. For these are the vitamins and nutrients for your mind and soul that can help to awaken your giant within.

4. Think for a change. Think for the innovation of your being. Do not waste your time for something which you think not worthy, not valuable and could not help to harness your will power to think and grow rich!

5. Apply what you have learned from your reading. Remember knowledge will be became power if only you will apply them and put them in the right application.

6. Never give up. Remember all the greatest men in history were a product of courage and courage you know is born in the cradle of adversity! So hold on! Be strong! Don't ever give up! You can if you think you can! Remember that the only person who can stop you of what God intend you to become is you!

7. Keep on moving. Remember this secret formula that can guide and help you to avoid to much disappointment, failures and headaches as you travel in the games of life: work slowly but surely.

Remember, there is always a place at the top for ready people.