Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Maria Duval's on Law of Attraction

Maria Duval has been mentioning about law of attraction and I'm sure you know what's it's all about. Simply it means focus wholeheartedly on what you want without waver and the universe you give you one day. So i'm sure many people would want more money.

Money is just a piece of printed paper but why is it turning this world around and it's such a vital thing in our life. Trillions are circulated everyday, so where's your share of these trillions??

First let's look at why you want money. In actual fact, when you state "I want more money" what you mean to say is "I want more goods and services".

There is a need to focus on the desired outcome meaning how much money do you want? State the amount vividly.. Don't dwell into the how-to's of the manifestation process as it limits your power. The all knowing universe will yield to you everything and anything you want, but if you get in the way and start demanding you want more money to come through this source or through this channel then you limit the ways in which the universe can yield.

So let's find an example. You've been working for a company and decide more money is what you want. So you're intention is to manifest a pay rise. You place your attention onto the pay rise and nothing happens. What you've done here is limit your power to only one route. Will the universe bring it to you? Yes if you truly believe you ALREADY HAVE the pay rise and you have a BURNING DESIRE mixed with FAITH that you will attain it.

Instead of limiting your power and limiting the opportunities that can flow to you, be open with your statement and generalize it a little more. Instead of a pay rise, focus on receiving a definite amount of money as your desired outcome. Let's say $3000 extra per month. Make that your vision and your object of attention! This way the universe can yield to you in all different methods, some of which you wouldn't have even been able to imagine!

Try it and see what you can manifest. The more generalized your approach to all of this the more opportunity that awaits you. What would be even better than limiting yourself to just $3000 extra per month would be to focus your attention on prosperity and wealth!

Don't limit yourself. You deserve it all! Expect it...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Amazing psychic healer

EXCLUSIVE Did psychic's palm-power save life of this girl? Hayley's 'miracle'
By Fiona Whitty

Little Hayley Stokes was given a less than 1 - in-20 chance of survival due to a lethal grapefruit-sized tumour in her pelvis.

But doctors have been left stunned after the 11-year-old beat the cancer - thanks to the healing hands of a CLEANER.

Family friend Chris Robinson cleans offices by day and attempts to heal the sick in his spare time.

Now even Hayley's own hospital consultant is calling her recovery "a miracle".

Over six months, Chris simply placed his hands a couple of centimetres above the child's head before moving down to her pelvis.

Amazingly, Hayley's tumour shrank by 75 per cent, making it small enough to be removed by surgery. And afterwards doctors were staggered to discover the tumour was DEAD.

Now, just three weeks after her op, Hayley is back at school.

And her mum Karen, 43, who lives in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, with her husband Stuart, 48, and eldest daughter Natasha, 14, is overjoyed.

Karen said: "I don't think Hayley would be where she is now if it wasn't for Chris."

Chris, 56, who also lives in Dunstable with his wife and three children, said: "When I'm healing I just feel this heat come down from my head into my hands.

"With Hayley I also kept saying over and over that I wanted the tumour to die. "She's a fantastic girl and I'm absolutely chuffed to bits she's getting through this."

Last week, psychic Chris featured in a Channel Five documentary called Extraordinary People: The Man Who Dreams The Future, which highlighted his premonitions of the 9/11 twin towers attack in New York, and the 7/7 London bombings.

But it seems his power to heal is an even more incredible talent.

Chris added: "I know there are sceptics out there and I can't explain how it works.

"I'm just a normal person with a most extraordinary and wonderful gift."

Hayley said: "When Chris first did the healing it felt a big strange and scary because I was wondering what would happen.

"But I knew Chris quite well and trusted him so I just got used to it. Sometimes it was really hot, like having a heater above your head. "I felt sure it was doing something good."

Hayley's consultant Dr Anthony Micalski, of London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, said: "Hayley's recovery is a miracle. The tumour that was removed was all completely dead. I'm not sure I've seen a complete clearance of the disease like this before."

Hayley first developed a tumour in her pelvis when she was four and was treated with chemotherapy drugs.

When a new tumour was discovered last January her survival chances were put at less than five per cent.

"We were told there were two choices - to try chemotherapy again or just to take her home," recalled Karen who, like Stuart, is a revenue and customs officer.

"The tumour was too large to operate on by that time and the chemo would be very harrowing and might not shrink it enough. We were completely devastated."

They made the agonising decision to opt for chemotherapy - alongside Chris's healing.

Chris says he has helped more than 100 sick people since he started healing 20 years ago.

To help raise a vital £50million a year for Great Ormond Street Hospital, log on to

Source: The People

Thursday, September 13, 2007

$1,000 prize offered for psychic dogs

Just read that at, the researchers there are offering a $1,000 prize to dogs who successfully demonstrate they know when their owners are coming home.

Yes, dogs, and some animals have this acute clairvoyance that can sense when their owners are coming home. A friend of mine told me that her dog waits for her patiently just before the main door shaking its tail when she opens the door. But she has no idea for how long her dog has been waiting for her. If you are keen, you can refer to dogs that wait for owners to come home to learn more about it. It is mentioned that the dogs start their awareness some half an hour before the owner returns.

It's a very interesting read. In this experiment, the owners purposely come home at different timings to test their dogs clairvoyance power. The dogs are proven right all the time. How do they manage to do it? One of them even knows to turn on the lights for the returning owners, as can be seen from the photo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Everyone has the chance to be lucky

Every person wishes to be lucky and when you are lucky, you will be the envy of people around you.

But what really creates luck? Personally I believe everyone can be lucky, it's just that there could be some invisible obstacles that come before them preventing them from getting lucky. Once you clear these obstacles, you will become luckier and good lucks will come to you easily. This theory does not come from me but my spiritual mentor Maria Duval and she has taught me immensely. So far I regard myself as a rather lucky person as I won small lottery prize quite often. Only the big ones have eluded me so far and I wish to be really lucky to win one of that one day.

I believe you have heard of the stories where the million dollar lottery winner simply spent off the windfall in a very short time and then back to square one. Which means there is a total lack of financial literacy.

If I were in such position, I will think and plan it out how am I going to grow with this amount of money endless millions of dollars before I want to spend a cent of it. Look for ways to grow a it is more challenging then spend it easily. I love challenges and this is one of the most exciting challenges a person can have in life!

So for me, it is much better to earn a hundred dollars by working hard and/or smart, rather than be given a thousand dollars without giving anything in return. It just feels great to reap the fruits of your labors.

Monday, September 3, 2007

7 keys to success

Internet is a treasure trove. There are simply too much useful information. Lately I just found this link which offers you a free motivational e-book. Everyone needs motivation all the time. It's just like replenishing your dwindling nutrients as they are being sapped and used while you face the course of the day.
The 7 Keys to Success written by Will Edwards contains an important message - it is time for you to wake-up and start living the life you were born to live; and to do that, you need to acquire the 7 Keys. This inspirational little book also contains a beautiful movie on the 7 principles it advocates.

Download the free e-book here.