Friday, November 30, 2007

Eat that frog

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy.

It's not the newest book out, but for me it's one of the best I've come across. I don't read a lot but if I do, i'll get serious about it.

The book is short and to the point. With Brian's easy style of reading, it's a comfortable a read. I read it in one day (2 hours of reading). The principles are well summarized. Most importantly, it works. It stops me from procrastinating.

It stands out for me the most in regards to personal development. Whoever is in a similar situation knows what I'm talking about. You procrastinate about developing your traits even though you know sometime we just want to laze around wasting precios time. If you are going for an job interview, I'd suggest you read it to make your mind positive and what you read will show it in your actions.

Seriously, go get a copy. You'll get back the time it took you to read the book on the following day.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Meditate to recover

I just returned from a week trip to UK for social visit. I had my Thanksgiving over there and it was the first time I had a Thanksgiving outside my country. They don't celebrate that over there of course, but we had our mini celebration just with a few of us. Right now I'm still experiencing some jet lags. I have heard of some stories about jetlag. I wasn’t surprised then, to find myself with strange sleeping hours.

Maybe I'm getting older, or this is only the third time I had taken a long distance flight in life. I'd that little fear for flight just to let you know. Finally I gathered my courage to make this trip thanks to my strong self positive belief I have now.

But there were other symptoms I was suffering from as well, including disorientation, lack of motivation, detachment from my life and work, and an inability to do much of anything besides watching TV. So I guess I have a severe loss of psychic energy through this week trip.

How am I going to recover this loss of psychic energy? Through some deep meditation of course.

Finally after some sessions in my solitude at the quietness of the night, I feel rejuvenated again.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Intuitive beings

Psychic Maria Duval says we are all by nature intuitive beings. We are born intuitive and always have the power within us. We have our 6th sense fully functioning the moment we enter the world. But this sixth sense needs our attention to continue to operate at full force. And the life that we are born into usually stops us from being quiet enough to pay attention to the subtle forces of intuition.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Talisman and the special balance restorer

I have received Maria Duval's "special balance restorer", which I ordered from her some weeks ago. It comes together with a talisman and 4 pieces of "force rods".

There are some instructions on using them and I read them very carefully so that I can obtain the best out of it.

Immediately I felt some good positive energy filling my hands when I took out the rods. That's when I knew they are the real stuff. After placing the rods and the balance restorer into the proper location as per Maria Duval's advice, I read up the instructions how to perform the ritual.

I have to confess my sleeping is way much better since the balance restorer is in my home thank you. I am sure at this point you must be smiling and happy. I also have to tell you that your ability, knowledge, energy and honesty are remarkable.

Maria Duval I also received your talisman of saint michael ofluck and money, love and friendship. It looks great so I wear it on my neck and I'll write to you again about it. Maria you have sent me several letters, I hope the ones that I am responding are appropriate at this time. Due to money problems is difficult to answer all of then.

Lastly Mdm Maria I am sure you will be very occupied working on my file and I will await for your correspondence soon. Once again thank you for your honesty and friendship.