Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clairvoyant Being

The power of clairvoyance is to be able to "see" the unseen future events and awareness of the future. I read that humans do have some basic naturally clairvoyant ability that hones us for survival.

Clairvoyant psychics like Maria Duval often categorize their abilities depending upon their particular extra sensory ability.

For example, if a psychic has an ability to hear more clearly, this would be called clairaudience.

The ability to see more clearly, clairvoyance.

And the ability to think more clearly, clairsentience.

As you can see, these are basically the extra-sensory versions of the basic five physical senses.

Wrapping up this post, I think everyone is psychic to some degree, using the natural intuition or sixth sense that is inherent in all of us. I guess that's a main reason why humans have dominated this planet over other living things.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Be Joyful

When we show joyful behaviour, we emit high vibration and when it happens enough, our desires are easily given to us.

So now you may be thinking what is the easiest way to feel joyful?

According to Maria Duval, the fastest way is to learn to be appreciative, and that is to get into the habit of appreciating everyone and everything.

Actively look for the good and see the positive side of everything. When you focus on the good, your good will grow. Try to be pals of natural high positive people. They exude a natural charm that raises the energy level of people around you.

Joy is such a simple yet powerful vibration. Simply the fact you are alive and breathing is reason enough for celebration. Another great quote from Maria is: it's alright not to fee joyful all the time. But it's important not to dwell in pity states for too long.

So, please get into the habit of daily appreciation and gratitude. The more you appreciate the more things you will find to appreciate

Monday, October 19, 2009

Positive Vibrations in Life

Maria Duval says that when you can understand and accept where you are now in your life, then you can then change it. It's not very constructive or helpful to point the finger of blame at others or you own "bad fortune".

It's time to go within and take responsibility for everything and everyone in your life. After all everyone and everything in your life has one thing in common. You.

Maria Duval reminds me that awareness is the first step to changing something you are unhappy about. Just focus on one area at a time.

You must also realize that change takes time. Some things can and do change quickly but other things take longer. A bit of patience is in order. It's very unusual to change from a minimum wage salary into a millionaire overnight.

You can however work on changing the future immediately. Slimming down a size or two is not going to happen in a week. But without eating and exercising properly you will never achieve your goal. So do all you can each day to support the change you want to implement in your life.

The trick is to concentrate on all the good things that you have achieved in your life. Focusing on the lack and moaning about what isn't there is not helpful. This will only lower your vibration. And go and attract more people and things for you to complain about.

The wonderful thing is, when you are truly satisfied and grateful for what you do have more of these good things will be attracted into your life.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spark of Life

Life does not appear so simple, does it?

Our lives can appear to always be so tangled up with home, work, job or friends. And also in our leisurely pursuits, in our play. We can lose ourselves in all these pursuits and life becomes rather foggy.

Many times we find that we must win, we dare not lose. And that puts added pressure upon us. In this stressful situation our intuitive qualities that unleash our true power remain closed to us.

We have our talents fueled by our own motivation. Our confidence in our own strengths lends us much support in our ventures. Our discipline and behavior come from our positive demeanor and the way we feel about ourselves. We look after ourselves and this is evident in our healthy self esteem and self image. All in all a lot our lives are determined by our own attitudes and how we handle the precious commodity we call life on a day to day basis.

Yet how strong this makes us there can still be something missing. Something that if not drawn upon will place a ceiling on our life, our experience and our potential. Something we should never forget. Never leave untapped. Never leave alone.

Maria Duval tells me that our spark of life, that true power within, is on one of life’s greatest gifts. Experience that. Use it to realize your full potential. Fulfill your life. Live from that and see how our life can blossom as we move forward to claim our rightful place in life.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mind's Like a Gun

Probably you may have heard this saying that a person's mind is powerful. You can say that it's like a gun. Both are very useful and have their purpose, however, there are times an individual may not really realize or understand exactly how powerful each of these possessions can be. The mind or a gun can each be used either for the right or the wrong. It just all depends who is using them.

So do you want a stronger "gun" now? Here's how you could do it:

A basic mindfulness exercise starts with sitting down, relaxing and breathing deeply through your nose. Close your eyes and be aware of your breath going in and out. After a minute, move your attention to your body, one part at a time, noting sensations of cold, hot, tight, sore and anything else you identify. In a few minutes, start listening to sounds in the room, without thinking about them. Just listen.

When it feels right, open your eyes and look around as if you are seeing for the first time. Rest your eyes on an object for half a minute, examining it without talking about it in your mind. Then move to another object, and another, while still maintaining an awareness of your body, your breathing, and any sounds. Stay in this state of mindfulness until you are ready to get up.

Being aware of your body, breath and immediate enviroment, puts you more fully "in the moment." Your mind is in a very receptive state, with fewer mental distractions that prevent clear thinking. Doing a mindfulness exercise before important mental tasks will give you greater mind power, specifically more focus and concentration.

Thanks Maria!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pass it on...

Devote for a creditable reason and I am sure all of us will be blessed in return with a sumptuous amount of happiness.

Is that right a smile or a good reaction makes you feeling cheerful and important?

Personally the idea is that there is really not many things that are more valuable than I myself feel good when receiving love and esteem of others. We all are upbeat when looking at a smiling face.

Try out some hours in the weekend doing Psome volunteering works which you can utilize your ability and endowment to produce good service. That's one great way to reciprocate what society has done good for you.

When you know you are dedicating your all to a beautiful deed for a better life, and you get back the fulfillment in your heart, you will feel like you are creating more power in your physical, mental and soul sides.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Expections about Love

One of the things that we most desire in this world is to be loved.

From a very young age, we are conditioned to believe that finding that perfect mate will greatly enhance our life and make us happy. Can the Law of Attraction be used to draw that perfect union to us that we so desire?
Well of course it can. But before Maria Duval explains more, it’s important that she qualifies some expectations regarding finding love.

First and foremost, contrary to what most of us have been led to believe, finding love does not make us happy. There is no such thing as “finding” love. We are love and love exists within us effortlessly.

The only love that truly brings us happiness is not found “out there” in another human. That love exists right inside of us.

This important key is unfortunately what keeps us from truly finding that special person to share our lives with. People are looking for someone to complete them, fix the, make them whole, make them feel special, and make them happy.

The reality is, if you don’t already feel those things on your own then therein lies the problem. No one is meant to complete another. We have to come to the table already whole.

The goal of a successful relationship is two whole people coming together and enhancing each others’ lives.