Thursday, March 20, 2008

I like slot machines too

Speaking of playing at casinos, I do enjoy playing the slot machine as well besides poker and although I did not hit the jackpot even once I was able to win some. There was once I remembered laughing so hard with my workplace buddies as we were waiting for the slots to give us some winning combination.

I even try out slot games listed at this site called onlineslotscity... But one thing about online gaming is that there’s a risk of getting addicted to it So if I ever decide to play online casino slots, I’ll check out the best online slots list first so that I can only find the best place to play and spend a lot of money to play. I think that’s already gambling and I don’t really like that, I only like to play just for fun nothing more. So I guess if ever you decide to play online, set yourself with some limitations and don’t get hooked on it too much.

By the way when I go to casino to play games, I'll not forget to carry that personal Maria Duval talisman. I know it does not help all the time however it does give you some hope of a lucky break with higher chances of happening. That's the most important when it comes to gambling. It gives you hope and chances when you know it is not high.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sometimes psychic can help you to believe..

Psychics like Maria Duval gives us a way to connect to the magical childhood world we have lost as adults. As we grow up, that childlike innocence is replaced by the rational thinking imparted to us by adults and our education. Society thinks this is the approved way of thinking hence we have no choice by to follow if not we'll be viewed as weirdos.

Do you remember as a child asking the magic cards if classmate Wendy or Jonah was his o her true love, all in a form of a game in the school? Do you remember consulting the origami fortuneteller to find out your future during recess? Many of us do and why have we lost this innocent ability to imagine, dream, and believe. I remember well that I used to play predicting games using some toys too.

Sad to say many people do not agree with this and view psychics wearily as some form of charlatans, all because they do not understand. I admit there are some who spoil the good names and hence the good name has been tainted. Enjoying a psychic reading is a way for people to realize their dreams we had as a child and our hopes for the future which we have pushed to aside to be normal conforming members of society.

Surely, having an opportunity to get in touch with a magical world outside our own stodgy lives must be worth something. So, before you go off and bad mouth honest psychics like Maria Duval, ask is believing in a magical mystical place so wrong? Why are so many authors get famous because of the magical theme of their novels they wrote? Is there anything wrong when they write about magical fairy tale stories? That is imagination and creation at its very best.

Losing touch with who we are seems to happen more and more often in our modern society. Identity crisis seems to be the norm rather than the exception anymore. Having a healthy imagination and sense of individuality can really boost a persons feeling of self worth and belonging.

Imagination and creativity are an integral part of the human psyche. Why not embrace them and get in touch with the inner child inside yourself today? Try talking with a psychic and suspend your disbelief. Who knows you may just open the doors to creative talents and ideas that you have locked away along with your imagination and dreams. You may even regain some of your true identity.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

questions to ask yourself

Everyone does have moments when negative thoughts will invade the mind. It is just not possible to be positive feeling all the times. Men do get worried and chickened out whenever there are signs of adversity. Only the courageous people will take on the problems and solve it! I do have a way to handle negativity and that is whenever you are behaving that way, take out a piece of paper and pen then answer these questions:

Question 1: What is your concern that make you feel negative? (It might be a concern that you’ll lose money or someone in your life. Just write it down to make it clear.)

Question 2: What happen that cause you having the concern? (You won’t have concern out of a sudden. What happen that make you start to concern? Probably you are not making sales that cause you concern about your business or your spouse just had an argument with you that cause you concern about the marriage.)

**After answering your question 2, cross out the answer of the question 1 because that is your expectation of the worst situation that might happen from question 2. Those are illusions that make you get stuck in your own negative thoughts.

Question 3: How to handle or deal with the answer in question 2? (Once you disappear your concern, this question bring you to think positively and move on. You are no longer stuck.)

After answering these 3 question, your negative thoughts will be gone and you’ll realize that you are already in a positive mindset.

Thanks Maria Duval for your inspirations!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Maria Duval is not a scam

Many people have been saying that Maria Duval is not a real person and she does not exist, or she's just a front of a big scam. I know her business practice has been rather controversial, and I used to get very offended by such solicitations too.

Scamsters hide and stay in the dark all the time, however, Maria Duval does not hide or avoid. She has appeared in many media programs, mostly in France and Europe I gather. And, I think she must be rather old by now. On my part, I have also written a letter to Maria Duval requesting her to have some publicity especially to give more information about how she had helped people in the past? I hope to hear something? I'm not sure, just hope for some news on that.

I bought some of Maria Duval's products and services. Not all I find them useful and she refunded me fully. Those products which are useful I practise them according to what she says in her guides, which also contains a lot of wisdom in it. I benefited a lot after using it and it changes my life to something brighter and more positive. Luck comes more readily into my life after that too. I have not made a lot of windfall yet, but there are smaller ones along the way, such as those winnings I made at the riverboat sessions.

I thank Maria Duval for that and I think she really wants to help those less fortunates. I just do not want to see her being accused.

If you see this post and Maria Duval has helped you, please come in and post your comments. Thanks.