Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Special and different

Right now, I'm thinking, how much improvement to my life with the help of Maria Duval. So far I have been consistently meditating, I hope to do it daily though. It does not take much time just about ten minutes before I sleep. Listening to some spiritual music while meditating really lifts me up and I even sleep better since then. I like the feeling of my energy connecting with the universe.

I thank you for all the secrets you have told me this year. They really open me up a lot about the affairs of the heart and emotions. Luck has become better I feel and the chances of winning the card games increased too.

Also I think that Maria Duval knows me well because all of her mails have mentioned things that are deep in my heart. But I don’t know what gone to happen with that in the near future so I'll just consult her for some reference, but I know each of us is different and special.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Path of rigor

We fail all the time. Most people experience the taste of failures at some stages of their lives. I wouldn't say it is a must that you have to fail before you can succeed 'beyond all things', although historically, we've seen many cases of highly successful achievers who've experienced lots of crushing failures and defeats before their great achievements.

When we look through history, we often marvel at the stupendous achievement of those great minds who had succeeded yet often, we did not take into account their path of rigors that brought them to where they were.

It's makes sense to say they are just ordinary folk like us who stuck through to their visions or who just got 'lucky' because they stayed on the course long enough until probability starts to favor them.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Time before I sleep

I like to spend some short minutes to reflect on what's happened during the day. It has become part of my routine and I think it is a productive time to spend on as you end the day. It makes me more relaxed and peaceful; it soothes my fears too and I sleep better as a result.

Lately I have been receiving some letters from Maria Duval and all of them are very appealing to my current situation. But I just subscribe to one of her recent services and it is good enough for me in the next few months. I am a person that needs lots of assurances, and it makes me confident when she said I have good months ahead next year. I reflect on that during my daily reflection too if what I'm doing is right.

As I think, I see people who are important in my life in my mind's eye as I go to sleep. These people may be loved ones like my grand parents; or, people who have passed away long time ago like one of my childhood buddies (in a road accident).

I just somehow enjoy their fleeting presence and to see if they messages for me.. I feel that these people have entered your space for a reason, so it is best just to silently witness the message they bring.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Eat that frog

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy.

It's not the newest book out, but for me it's one of the best I've come across. I don't read a lot but if I do, i'll get serious about it.

The book is short and to the point. With Brian's easy style of reading, it's a comfortable a read. I read it in one day (2 hours of reading). The principles are well summarized. Most importantly, it works. It stops me from procrastinating.

It stands out for me the most in regards to personal development. Whoever is in a similar situation knows what I'm talking about. You procrastinate about developing your traits even though you know sometime we just want to laze around wasting precios time. If you are going for an job interview, I'd suggest you read it to make your mind positive and what you read will show it in your actions.

Seriously, go get a copy. You'll get back the time it took you to read the book on the following day.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Meditate to recover

I just returned from a week trip to UK for social visit. I had my Thanksgiving over there and it was the first time I had a Thanksgiving outside my country. They don't celebrate that over there of course, but we had our mini celebration just with a few of us. Right now I'm still experiencing some jet lags. I have heard of some stories about jetlag. I wasn’t surprised then, to find myself with strange sleeping hours.

Maybe I'm getting older, or this is only the third time I had taken a long distance flight in life. I'd that little fear for flight just to let you know. Finally I gathered my courage to make this trip thanks to my strong self positive belief I have now.

But there were other symptoms I was suffering from as well, including disorientation, lack of motivation, detachment from my life and work, and an inability to do much of anything besides watching TV. So I guess I have a severe loss of psychic energy through this week trip.

How am I going to recover this loss of psychic energy? Through some deep meditation of course.

Finally after some sessions in my solitude at the quietness of the night, I feel rejuvenated again.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Intuitive beings

Psychic Maria Duval says we are all by nature intuitive beings. We are born intuitive and always have the power within us. We have our 6th sense fully functioning the moment we enter the world. But this sixth sense needs our attention to continue to operate at full force. And the life that we are born into usually stops us from being quiet enough to pay attention to the subtle forces of intuition.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Talisman and the special balance restorer

I have received Maria Duval's "special balance restorer", which I ordered from her some weeks ago. It comes together with a talisman and 4 pieces of "force rods".

There are some instructions on using them and I read them very carefully so that I can obtain the best out of it.

Immediately I felt some good positive energy filling my hands when I took out the rods. That's when I knew they are the real stuff. After placing the rods and the balance restorer into the proper location as per Maria Duval's advice, I read up the instructions how to perform the ritual.

I have to confess my sleeping is way much better since the balance restorer is in my home thank you. I am sure at this point you must be smiling and happy. I also have to tell you that your ability, knowledge, energy and honesty are remarkable.

Maria Duval I also received your talisman of saint michael ofluck and money, love and friendship. It looks great so I wear it on my neck and I'll write to you again about it. Maria you have sent me several letters, I hope the ones that I am responding are appropriate at this time. Due to money problems is difficult to answer all of then.

Lastly Mdm Maria I am sure you will be very occupied working on my file and I will await for your correspondence soon. Once again thank you for your honesty and friendship.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Maria Duval's on Law of Attraction

Maria Duval has been mentioning about law of attraction and I'm sure you know what's it's all about. Simply it means focus wholeheartedly on what you want without waver and the universe you give you one day. So i'm sure many people would want more money.

Money is just a piece of printed paper but why is it turning this world around and it's such a vital thing in our life. Trillions are circulated everyday, so where's your share of these trillions??

First let's look at why you want money. In actual fact, when you state "I want more money" what you mean to say is "I want more goods and services".

There is a need to focus on the desired outcome meaning how much money do you want? State the amount vividly.. Don't dwell into the how-to's of the manifestation process as it limits your power. The all knowing universe will yield to you everything and anything you want, but if you get in the way and start demanding you want more money to come through this source or through this channel then you limit the ways in which the universe can yield.

So let's find an example. You've been working for a company and decide more money is what you want. So you're intention is to manifest a pay rise. You place your attention onto the pay rise and nothing happens. What you've done here is limit your power to only one route. Will the universe bring it to you? Yes if you truly believe you ALREADY HAVE the pay rise and you have a BURNING DESIRE mixed with FAITH that you will attain it.

Instead of limiting your power and limiting the opportunities that can flow to you, be open with your statement and generalize it a little more. Instead of a pay rise, focus on receiving a definite amount of money as your desired outcome. Let's say $3000 extra per month. Make that your vision and your object of attention! This way the universe can yield to you in all different methods, some of which you wouldn't have even been able to imagine!

Try it and see what you can manifest. The more generalized your approach to all of this the more opportunity that awaits you. What would be even better than limiting yourself to just $3000 extra per month would be to focus your attention on prosperity and wealth!

Don't limit yourself. You deserve it all! Expect it...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Amazing psychic healer

EXCLUSIVE Did psychic's palm-power save life of this girl? Hayley's 'miracle'
By Fiona Whitty

Little Hayley Stokes was given a less than 1 - in-20 chance of survival due to a lethal grapefruit-sized tumour in her pelvis.

But doctors have been left stunned after the 11-year-old beat the cancer - thanks to the healing hands of a CLEANER.

Family friend Chris Robinson cleans offices by day and attempts to heal the sick in his spare time.

Now even Hayley's own hospital consultant is calling her recovery "a miracle".

Over six months, Chris simply placed his hands a couple of centimetres above the child's head before moving down to her pelvis.

Amazingly, Hayley's tumour shrank by 75 per cent, making it small enough to be removed by surgery. And afterwards doctors were staggered to discover the tumour was DEAD.

Now, just three weeks after her op, Hayley is back at school.

And her mum Karen, 43, who lives in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, with her husband Stuart, 48, and eldest daughter Natasha, 14, is overjoyed.

Karen said: "I don't think Hayley would be where she is now if it wasn't for Chris."

Chris, 56, who also lives in Dunstable with his wife and three children, said: "When I'm healing I just feel this heat come down from my head into my hands.

"With Hayley I also kept saying over and over that I wanted the tumour to die. "She's a fantastic girl and I'm absolutely chuffed to bits she's getting through this."

Last week, psychic Chris featured in a Channel Five documentary called Extraordinary People: The Man Who Dreams The Future, which highlighted his premonitions of the 9/11 twin towers attack in New York, and the 7/7 London bombings.

But it seems his power to heal is an even more incredible talent.

Chris added: "I know there are sceptics out there and I can't explain how it works.

"I'm just a normal person with a most extraordinary and wonderful gift."

Hayley said: "When Chris first did the healing it felt a big strange and scary because I was wondering what would happen.

"But I knew Chris quite well and trusted him so I just got used to it. Sometimes it was really hot, like having a heater above your head. "I felt sure it was doing something good."

Hayley's consultant Dr Anthony Micalski, of London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, said: "Hayley's recovery is a miracle. The tumour that was removed was all completely dead. I'm not sure I've seen a complete clearance of the disease like this before."

Hayley first developed a tumour in her pelvis when she was four and was treated with chemotherapy drugs.

When a new tumour was discovered last January her survival chances were put at less than five per cent.

"We were told there were two choices - to try chemotherapy again or just to take her home," recalled Karen who, like Stuart, is a revenue and customs officer.

"The tumour was too large to operate on by that time and the chemo would be very harrowing and might not shrink it enough. We were completely devastated."

They made the agonising decision to opt for chemotherapy - alongside Chris's healing.

Chris says he has helped more than 100 sick people since he started healing 20 years ago.

To help raise a vital £50million a year for Great Ormond Street Hospital, log on to www.gosh.org.uk

Source: The People

Thursday, September 13, 2007

$1,000 prize offered for psychic dogs

Just read that at OpenSourceScience.net, the researchers there are offering a $1,000 prize to dogs who successfully demonstrate they know when their owners are coming home.

Yes, dogs, and some animals have this acute clairvoyance that can sense when their owners are coming home. A friend of mine told me that her dog waits for her patiently just before the main door shaking its tail when she opens the door. But she has no idea for how long her dog has been waiting for her. If you are keen, you can refer to dogs that wait for owners to come home to learn more about it. It is mentioned that the dogs start their awareness some half an hour before the owner returns.

It's a very interesting read. In this experiment, the owners purposely come home at different timings to test their dogs clairvoyance power. The dogs are proven right all the time. How do they manage to do it? One of them even knows to turn on the lights for the returning owners, as can be seen from the photo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Everyone has the chance to be lucky

Every person wishes to be lucky and when you are lucky, you will be the envy of people around you.

But what really creates luck? Personally I believe everyone can be lucky, it's just that there could be some invisible obstacles that come before them preventing them from getting lucky. Once you clear these obstacles, you will become luckier and good lucks will come to you easily. This theory does not come from me but my spiritual mentor Maria Duval and she has taught me immensely. So far I regard myself as a rather lucky person as I won small lottery prize quite often. Only the big ones have eluded me so far and I wish to be really lucky to win one of that one day.

I believe you have heard of the stories where the million dollar lottery winner simply spent off the windfall in a very short time and then back to square one. Which means there is a total lack of financial literacy.

If I were in such position, I will think and plan it out how am I going to grow with this amount of money endless millions of dollars before I want to spend a cent of it. Look for ways to grow a it is more challenging then spend it easily. I love challenges and this is one of the most exciting challenges a person can have in life!

So for me, it is much better to earn a hundred dollars by working hard and/or smart, rather than be given a thousand dollars without giving anything in return. It just feels great to reap the fruits of your labors.

Monday, September 3, 2007

7 keys to success

Internet is a treasure trove. There are simply too much useful information. Lately I just found this link which offers you a free motivational e-book. Everyone needs motivation all the time. It's just like replenishing your dwindling nutrients as they are being sapped and used while you face the course of the day.
The 7 Keys to Success written by Will Edwards contains an important message - it is time for you to wake-up and start living the life you were born to live; and to do that, you need to acquire the 7 Keys. This inspirational little book also contains a beautiful movie on the 7 principles it advocates.

Download the free e-book here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Improve yourself

People always say they wish to improve on their mindset, their thinking. But how to go about going it unless you are seriously determined. As such we have to make a plan and work from inside out. There is a need to get down to the core and work something out.

You can try affirmations which basically tune your mind. But it's still not enough if you wish to heal your wounded soul.

Here are my suggestions to do:

1. Say Thanks - say a simple prayer of gratitude. Give thanks - for your job, food, friends, just say thanks for anything in life whether good or not that good.

2. Affirm the Truth - Acknowledge your desire. If you want to truly empower yourself, build on your strengths. This is what the most successful people do.

3. Set Your Goals - Let your vision unfold. This is where so many of us get stuck, as we live life aimlessly. Give yourself a clear direction of where you want to go.

4. Relax - Take in some silence and have a quiet time to meditate. Let yourself observe the flow of things and simply feel yourself in the midst of it.

5. Take Action - Give energy to your intent. Don't just sit around talking to yourself. Get to work! And be persistent.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Cat called Oscar

I just caught a news snippet about a strange cat called Oscar who stays at a nursing home in Providence, R.I.

What makes Oscar the cat famous is its uncanny ability to predict death! Oscar seems to have a sixth sense about when the patients in the home are about to pass away. Oscar goes about doing his duty in a serious and professional way and is not a "fun" cat apparently. When he choses a patient, the staff there can advance notify the family members in time for them to get to the nursing home to tell their loved ones goodbye.

What Oscar does is that when he senses the patients' times are up, he will go to the room, jump onto the bed and purrs next to the patients...Sounds like a scene from an eerie movie, isn't it? The hospital even said so far Oscar has accurately predicted 25 deaths!

I agree animals do have psychic ability. Their senses are so much stronger than us humans. They can see things which we can't see.

Catch the youtube about Oscar - the death cat.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Leading a psyhic life

I have another piece of wisdom for you inspired by Maria Duval.

Yes, we all know about positive affirmations or visualization. However, these are pretty much useless if mentally people tell themselves they "don't deserve it", or they are "not up for it". If you have this thinking, you are bind to fail.

True success comes when there is a lot of different factors working together to create a concoction called "success". Missing one ingredient and you won't get it working to the level you desire. If you keep on working hard, but deep inside you're saying, "This is impossible to finish" or "There is nothing more I can get from my efforts," then you're sabotaging your dreams. You might try to look inspired and motivated, but your body language will show your inner frustrations.

Stay away from people who may derail your progress and stick with same type of people who are positive and encouraging. With a right minded team, great leverage that can be gained that will speed up your success. I know some people who just takes whatever life has to give them doing nothing. I felt out-of-place as I joined them one time with a book on my hand. They despise knowledge and improvement. According to them, they just want to "enjoy" life.

What a waste of time and life! I wouldn't want to die someday accomplishing nothing. It's better to work super hard and die with a sense of achievement and contribution to society, than to have done nothing at all while still alive.

Get out from your comfort zone. Explore the limitless possibilities that life has to offer. Believe that you can do it, and just do it!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Natural Wonders

Crystals and gemstones have great healing powers, do you know that?

This power is innate, meaning, naturally caused or formed due to million of years of absorbing earthly energy and due to their complex chemical structure resulting in different types of physical conditions. The physical states mean the healing properties are all different between these natural stones. They are highly suitable as a gift to people who are ill.

More and more people are discovering the wonders of healing gemstones and crystals. Psychic Maria Duval has strongly endorsed the healing gemstones and you can see some of her recommendations in her spiritual guides.

With the stronger need for non-physical healing combined with physical healing, many people are discovering the power of special healing crystals. Crystals are used in meditation and spiritual ceremonies, laid on the body during types of massage or bodywork, when a person is resting, or placed in drinking or bathing waters. Crystals bring amazing benefits to the healing arena.

There are many excellent information available online regarding types of natural stones and they are a huge source of interesting information. Just make a search and you will find them. I have learned a lot just by reading these resources too.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Free self-improvement e-book

Came across this free e-book through an email sent by an online friend. I have already downloaded it, printed it out and reading some pages. Good read for you while you are waiting for someone, or spending some quality reading time.

Link: http://www.lulu.com/selfimprovement

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Success Principles

The Success Principles - by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Secret, etc.)


I just finished reading it, and I have to tell you that it is one of the best success books I have ever read!

60+ success principles, each of which you learn in just a few short pages that include steps, plans, and mini case-studies. It's probably one of the best I've ever read. It's clear, logical, and bite sized!

Definitely worth investing in!

Plus there are a few bonuses online for you from him!

I HIGHLY recommend it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Controlling your anger

We have always involved in bad emotions.

Way too many I suspect. Bad emotions can show up at work, play, with family, friends in the boardroom or at the baseball field.

Among all, I feel that anger is the most detrimental of the emotions you must
learn to recognize and control. More often than not, how a person reacts at that moment when anger surfaces, or is confronted by someone who is angry, defines a positive or negative outcome and potentially your status among the group of people impacted.

Taking a very simple case, let say when your kids are crying or they are disobedient despite you showing patience to them. When you are at the wits end, you simply let your emotions taking over you and scream at them. I know this is unintentional but you kind of regret for what you have done. You stress level and blood pressure also increase We have all been there and it is not a positive situation to be in and takes a while for everyone to calm down.

On the other hand, when you remain in control and hold your nerves, the anger
subsides and situation becomes manageable and resolves itself quicker.

Besides, anger diminishes our ability to reason and think clearly. Right here I’m not indicating you will never be angry, but keep your emotions in check and be conscious of what you say. It is far better to be silent than say something derogatory, hurtful or irreproachable. Silence sometimes is your best strategy.

Respect is difficult to attain, and can be easily lost by not controlling your negative emotions on your road to success.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Motivating myself

How do I motivate myself?

1. Remind yourself why you are doing this

When you start reminding yourself about the main reasons what made you start the project in the first place you'll be more motivated to continue.

2. Post a picture of your goal someplace visible near your desk or create desktop wallpaper.

This is really simple motivating technique: just set a new computer desktop wallpaper to remind you about what you'd need to do.

Or find a magazine photo or a picture online and post it somewhere where you can see it not only daily, but hourly if possible.

Use the power of your visual sense to keep you focused on your goal. Because that focus is what will keep you motivated over the long term once you lose focus, you lose motivation, so having something to keep bringing your focus back to your goal will help keep that motivation.

3. Reward yourself.

And not just for longer-term goals, but for mini goals also. Well, each of those mini goals should have a reward attached to it.

Make a list of your goals, with mini goals, and next to each, write down an appropriate reward.

And last, but not least - Find inspiration, on a daily basis. Inspiration is one of the best motivators, and it can be found everywhere. Every day, seek inspiration, and it will help sustain motivation over the long term. Sources of inspiration can include: blogs, positive people like Maria Duval, success stories, friends and family, magazines, books, quotes, music, photos, people you meet.

These points help me to lead a positive life.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Making your dreams come true

Benjamin Franklin was chatting with friends at a Philadelphia tavern when he was accosted by a drunken man who had overheard him discussing the Declaration of Independence.

The drunk shouted at Franklin, “Aw, them words don’t mean nothin’. Where’s all the happiness the document says it guarantees?”

The quick-witted statesman replied, “My friend, the Declaration of Independence only guarantees the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself!”

Therein lies the "problem", as I see it. Many in our society have lost sight of the responsibility they have to "catch" their own happiness (define it as success, if you will). Instead, these unhappy folks rely on the microwave mindset of, "I want what I want and when I want it."

Then, when they don't get what they want/expect (most of the time expecting someone else to do it for them - their spouse, parents, teacher, boss, even the government), they blame everybody else and are quick to tell others that they won't succeed either.

But on the brighter side, I do see many people sticking to their guns and pull their socks up doing something they are passionate with. They borrow the ground, fill the seeds, water the seeds and take care of them. These are the people who know what are the sacrifices required to make their dreams come true.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Myriad of Emotions

Every day we are alive we experience a myriad of emotions. It is what reminds us of our humanity. Anger is one of those fiery emotions, a colorful vista from the point of view of an ego which knows only the past. As long as we live we will at some point experience anger.

I suppose that every day of our lives is some kind of major test. How do we deal with anger, how do we deal with the inherent tendency to attack a perceived enemy. We observe it and then we let it go. We seel the drama in our own minds but from the point of view of an audience, not a participant.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Common Psychic Phenomena

Some of the most frequently experienced paranormal, energetic and psychic events include déjà vu, telepathy, premonitions, past life recall, synchronicities, energetic recognition and many more.

You have been thinking of someone you know only to have, next the telephone rings and discovers that person is on the line? Or perhaps been driving your car and moments later observed the person you were thinking about traveling in another car in the opposite direction? Or you had a dream foretelling an event that later took place?

Déjà vu
You arrive somewhere for the first time and been instantly struck by a strong sense of familiarity of the place? Sometimes, this type of experience can expand to include the conversation and even the actions of the individuals present as events unfold around you – a very powerful experience.

Visit from a non-physical person
Experienced the death of a family member or friend and felt sure of their presence in the period following their passing?

‘Re-discovered’ a photograph of or letter from someone from your past whilst cleaning out a cupboard and shortly afterwards read about them in the news, noticed an identical model, type and colour of the car they used to drive parked across the street from your house, received an e-mail from a friend asking if you know of their whereabouts…………………..or all three!?

YOu been pondering a difficult question, absorbed in your own thoughts before unexpectedly encountering a discarded newspaper or magazine from whose randomly opened pages certain words seemed to ‘fly off the page’, providing a fresh viewpoint or even a direct answer to your dilemma?

Energetic recognition or familiarity
You meet someone for the first time and despite being able to confirm that you could not have previously met them in this physical life, felt certain you recognized them at the moment of introduction? Many readers would be able to add examples of similar phenomena as well as variations to this short list, each a small glimpse that suggests there is a great deal of life left to be uncovered by us all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What leads to SUCCESS

If you have all these qualities, you will succeed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lunar Energy

Here is a great article from Mere T.

Yes, it's true, lunar energy represents a source of fabulous powers! Whether we want it to or not, the Moon exerts a considerable influence over our surroundings, over ourselves and over the major events in our lives.

Indeed, whoever we are, it is quite impossible to dissociate the Moon from our everyday lives. Certain categories of professions (psychic like Maria Duval, clairvoyant, historian, farmer, doctor, writer, painter, astrologist, etc) no doubt attach much greater importance to it than the ordinary run of human beings.

But which of us can claim never to have tried to penetrate the secrets and mysteries of the Moon, even if only superficially? Since time immemorial, human beings have tried to get it to know and use the powers of the Moon.

Why? Because it is obvious that the Moon has a powerful influence over our behaviour: more than other planets. It guides our actions, has an impact on our likes, our intuitions, our feelings, and because of this perceptibly affects the development of our lives. For example, it has been recorded that traffic accident rate is higher historically during the full Moon period.

There are plenty of other examples demonstrating that influence objectively: women's menstrual cycles, the high birth rate when the Moon is full, the growth of plants and vegetation, the movement of the tides, variations in climate and others.

But it does not stop here. Modern science is discovering new effects of lunar cycle on everything that lives on Earth every day. Finding answers to all the complex questions raised by this astral body is no small matter.

For example, why do certain tribes in Madagascar make mothers who are ready to give birth shield themselves fro the new Moon by hiding away at the back of the their homes? Why is it that the blue butterflies of Latin America are the dullest brown, and only due to the minuscule scales covering their wings which acts as a prism do they reflect the blue radiation emitted by the Moon? Why do Australian koalas eat almost twice as many eucalyptus leaves immediately after the full Moon? And why has it been discovered that lunar attraction causes bamboos in Southeast Asia to grow 50 centimetres taller a day?

Indeed we could extend this list of "whys" indefinitely. Lunar energy is really a mysterious force ever since the past till now. It is a source of energy psychics and spiritualists wants to tap on as it is such a force that can help them in their rites. So never just appreciate the beauty of the full Moon again but understand its awesome influence it has on us.

Mere T is a spiritual researcher, blogger, conservationist and freelance writer. She has benefited a lot from the guidance of psychic Maria Duval in the topic of spirituality. She lives in New Zealand with her family and she enjoys the serenity of her country as it helps her to build up on her spiritual bonding with the environment. Her Maria Duval blog is Maria Duval - Psychic - Clairvoyant.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Maria Duval in the press

maria duval pressHere is a little attachment of Maria Duval appearing in the press, German one I think. I've no idea what is the content though. Hope one day I'll receive a translation of the articles. There are many articles around and it's really encouraging and it dismisses the idea accusing Maria Duval as fake.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

In life, don't just exist but live!

Many things in life require a certain mind-frame to get there. The bigger you think the more you can achieve because your mind is more open to the possibilities that life extends to it. If you think small and believe that you will only get so far then chances are that you will only get that far.

Some people dream small so that they do not feel let down if they don't achieve their dreams, aka "Don't get your hopes up high, because its only that much farther that they will fall" (I use to think that way myself because I felt that life handed me too difficult of a hand). But I have always been very positive, what some would call a fighter and I have always searched for more, I knew it was there somewhere. Once you start to achieve some success, its not hard at all to raise your dreaming standards.

Maria Duval has brought a brand new vehicle to our lives, she is showing us that we do not have to settle for less. That we can expect more and that we personally deserve the absolute best. The higher you reach the more you can grasp. After all, we only live once, so why not make it the absolute best.

Today a friend of mine told me that he no longer just wants to exist, he wants to live. There is a big difference and I agree with him, I want to be among the living, not the existing.

The same goes not only for the success in your personal life but also for the way of your mind-set. If you think about the positive side of things you will likely receive the positive response that you seek.

Life is all about the mind, passion and fun though we do experience some set backs but the positive side of those set backs is that they make us stronger.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What is Reconnection

I have been reading about this technique called Reconnective Healing online and it sounds like something magical and inspiring based on what I read and the testimonials I saw online.

For those who do not know what is that, here is the definition of Reconnection by the man who originated it.
"The Reconnection is the umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe that allows for Reconnective Healing to take place. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth and are brought in via a spectrum of light and information that has never before been present on Earth. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect."

--Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Deep Conviction

We tend to attract experiences according to our deeply held beliefs. The ideas that we formed as children and young adults reveal themselves in our lives as the conditions we live. When we learn and let go of the old attitudes, life changes. When we're taught to believe something new about ourselves and the Universe, the outer situations transform.

However, there is going to have big confusion, anger, disappointment or condemnation when a person find that the supposedly changes do not occur. People will start to blame all things around. I've talked to people who told me they were confident of achieving this or that, but, came to me crying in vindictive tone when they can't work it out.

They then question if believing in improving their life really works. When I talk to them, I find that they didn't have the deep, solid confidence that something good was going to happen. There was still some underlying fear, anxiety or doubt about the situation. What they lack is this thing called "CONVICTION".

A person with the conviction is someone who, o matter what happens he'll land on his feet generally does just that. He'll attract the right contacts, information, or direction into their life. But it must be a conviction about this, not an assumption or hoped for end result. He recognizes that if a person can't get to his goal one way, another way will open.

Start identifying your convictions in life NOW!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Restful nights

It is a safe and natural way to find a long-term solution for your sleepless nights. You deserve to enjoy the benefits of a restful sleep every night. Adequate sleep is essential to good health. The average person sleeps about one-third of their life. That means if you live to age seventy-five, twenty-five of those years will be spent asleep.

Many factors cause sleeplessness; here are just a few of them:

1. Guilt feelings; not being good enough or meeting your expectations
2. Taking worries to bed with you
3. Being obsessed with the false idea that you just can't sleep
4. Tension and/or fatigue
5. Pain and discomfort from an illness
6. Poor sleeping conditions
7. Poor habits (eating at night)

Help To Induce Restful Sleep

1. Supper is light and eaten relatively early
2. Take a short stroll after dinner
3. Avoid exciting, dynamic, or focused activities in the evening
4. Avoid watching TV in the evening
5. Prepare for bedtime at least 30 minutes before you intend to get into bed
6. Laugh! Laughter is an important element in health and healing.
7. Meditate.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All things are given if the mind is prepared

I read that there is a spiritual law that says "All things are given if the mind is prepared". Maria Duval's teachings have reinforced that saying. When I think about it, I think this teaching inexplicably explains many things that are happening around us. Don't you think so?

If you think you are going to meet someone, then your subconscious will generate in the invisible world the astral forms necessary for the realisation of your wish. Every time you think of something, you will make that thing materialise in the invisible world.

If you think "I'm going to have the means to buy myself a car, a house, pay for my child's education and etc" then your subconscious will generate the circumstances that favour the fulfillment of your beliefs: it will attract the circumstances, the people, the solutions that will enable you to achieve it, maybe gradually over the time. Then one by one, the opportunities that you had not seen until then manifest themselves to you, and, the means to fulfill your thoughts will appear magically. How fascinating don't you think so? Such is the subtle and immense power of our minds.

This creative use of thoughts can be for the better or for the worse. Unfortunately, many people sway to the negative part of it and use thoughts in a very damaging way, like fear, anxiety or anger.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Manage your emotions

Sometimes when I feel angry, impatient or extremely frustrated, an inner mechanism within me will trigger an alarm that will cool me down with cold water before my mind goes out of control. Yes, it takes me many months to achieve that because normal human habits are hard to be changed. It takes a lot of determination to change your natural habits. I used to be a very combustible person when I was younger.

Maria Duval tells me that when I get excessively angry without control, a lot of positive life energy is drained from me and the results could be disastrous if that is allowed to happen. It may lead to guilt, shame, remorse and tragedies.

If I don't allow this angry feeling to fester more, simply observe it and you will be able to find its source to change its energy into a positive one. I know that is easier said than done. It requires a person to thoroughly understand his/her own emotions. Accept and recognize your emotions and you will be able to transform it from negative to positive.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The enemy within us

People are faced with difficulties and obstacles all the time; some people defeat these obstacles and become stronger and wiser while some people are simply swept aside with doubts and dejections with themselves.

I remember well when I was hospitalized for a few times in 2005 due to the swelling in body. Everyday was a pain to me. The thought of letting go came to me a few times, especially during the silence of the night. Somehow, I told myself not to be silly but remained brave so that I shall come out as the winner. It was one of the lowest points of my life during that time.

After the ordeal was over, I thought back and came to the conclusion that each person has a common enemy. That enemy is none other than the enemy within ourselves and the wicked voice of our enemy will keep whispering to us that what we do to change the situation is just a waste of time.

So when you are faced with your inner enemy, persevere and strive forward. Don't ever think of the negativities. Maria Duval will be by your side if you need her help!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to be a good dreamer?

Dreams could mean our Higher Selves healing, advising, encouraging, and sometimes warning us of coming dangers. Dreams are really a mystical topic which humans have still not fully grasped even at this present time.

I usually have a lot of dreams, some weird, some funny, some mysterious, and some clueless. I have even dreamed of Maria Duval talking to me in a dream! I read in a passage that being a good 'dreamer' is actually beneficial to you.

WEll, its easy, just by recording them. Leave a notepad besides your bed and jot your dream fragments and dates down immediately the moment you wake up. This will automatically increase your ability to remember. By getting the journal and devoting time to this activity, you are sending a message to your consciousness that you are more interested in your dreams.

Shall I start jotting dreams from now? :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Right sense

Have you ever spent some moments of your time to think and reflect on the turning points in your life, like, whom and when you married, the milestones of your career, or how you fare in schools, starting a business. How did they turn out in the end?

We have all experienced what it's like to have an outcome so different from what you expected it to be. We also have had some feelings before the situation came to pass that determined whether we were happy or not with a choice that we made.

When we make a decision, we adapt and grow from there and move forward purposefully, but sometimes, events are not only different from what was expected, they are also very painful. People gifted with psychic ability claim that pain can either enhance your intuitive development or impede it, depending on the way you reacted to the pain.

Your intuition is always gathering data from collective wisdom and experience. It relays messages to your consciousness about how and when to proceed. Some people find that they have physical intuition. Do seek psychic Maria Duval's help when you are confused because she has helped and taught me a lot.

You will need to develop that intuition with a lot of trust and practice every time you are faced with a decision to make. You will soon find out that your inner voice will lead you to the right decisions and will help you avoid a lot of meaningless pain in the future.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spiritualist and Psychics

There are many spiritualists/psychics. Are they similar? Well, you do not have to be a psychic to be a spiritualist and visa-versa even though it turns out that one is usually both. For me, I would like to be more spiritual but that does not mean I'm a spiritualist. A spiritualist is by definition someone who believes through witness that there is life after death while a pychic has sixth sense perception and is sensitive to other phenomena.

A spiritualist/psychic is able to tune into other frequencies that people that are not spiritualists, psychic or mediums cannot feel or see. These are other planes or dimensions where different spirits and entities reside. Most spiritualist/psychics have a particular spirit guide or guardian angel that they communicate with on a regular basis.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I think mountains are great places for me to practice and learn spirituality. Social life teaches me how to connect to the people community while the spiritual practices trains me to look inward, to gain inner peace despite the crowd.

Sometimes, the feeling of pitching a tent in the Rocky Mountain gets to me so strong that I really want to fly there immediately. After years of looking for material comforts, my outlook in life has turned dramatically, and now, a simple life when bare living essentials is what I need. Well, Maria Duval has said this is a year of changes for me!

Such a spiritual trip should be full of excitement, fear, peacefulness, expectation and a whole lot of other feelings.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is the process of going within to un-covering the veils of illusion and seeing our Divine essence as the light, beauty, and love that we already are, and always were, and to quite simply see it, acknowledge it, appreciate it, honor it, and bless it, within ourselves. It begins within. There are many ways and many paths on this journey. No one path is the "right way." It is "right" according to your agreement with your soul and the lessons it came to learn on this planet.

Spiritual Healing will occur when you and your soul agree together, to make the choice to see it. It happens in an instant. It can take a lifetime, or a second to get there, but once you see it you will never see yourself, other people, places or things the same again.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been mentioned frequently by Maria Duval in her teachings and books. Very simply, it means you will get or attract what you think. Thought is energy and your thoughts will show up on your experience. It's a concept that's easy to undertand yet hard to explain because it encompasses areas into philosophy, spirituality, religion and even, science. I came across this blog that explains more about Law of Attraction in details. It's a long article and it needs to be read a few times to understand what Steve is trying to say. But it nicely complements what I learn from Maria Duval.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Keep that balance

Hope you have a fine weekend and I'm sad with what's happening in Kansas. Nature is powerful.

I know my emotions well enough. Sometimes I'm subject to mood swings and my wife tells me I'm hard to get along when I'm iAn a bad mood. She's right, but luckily most of the time I'm a cheerful person, unless some events really make me real bad. Now, I'm doing my best to maintain so that I won't be subject to swings again.

While browsing, I saw Mere's excellent article from her blog about maintaining balance to achieve a happy life. According to her, Maria Duval encourages people to be balanced or level-headed. Psychic Maria Duval says that people who are balanced are confident and they can face up to any adverse situations successfully. Maria encourages all to be level-headed, but a person can't do that if there are two different aims thus there is no proper focus. Hope you know my point here. :)

I think what Maria says is true as there are many tragedies happening which is the result of the lack of calmness and mind control. People are too soft and weak nowadays when they are faced with some life calamities. People with weak control will break lose and begin to blame the events around them for their state. Think VT.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Crystal cave of the giants

Crystals have healing and metaphysical benefits and that's have been mentioned over the past centuries. They values have never diminished over time. They are many types of crystals all with different healing and spiritual purposes. It's a big cove of spiritual knowledge over here.

Managed to surf to this site about Crystal Cave of the Giants - Discovery of the Largest Crystals on Earth and the photos there are fascinating. It's looks rather like the krytonite cave in the superman movies but's the color's in white. I think the news is few years back but it still makes a good read.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I heard from friends who blog mentioning about this wonderful site called technorati and being a novice, this is the first time I have heard of this thing. Call me out-of-touch from the reality. Apparently this is one of the most popular sites in internet yet I have not heard of it.

Therefore being a eager learner, registered an account there. So finally this is the place where all the blogs will converge and interact. Sort of like a blog marketplace where bloggers can link and network. After an hour or so, I also place my technorati badge on my blog. Check that out and please link your blog to mine. Thanks.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Psychic Ability

maria duval psychicHope you have a nice weekend. Being nothing interesting to blog about, I shall be more serious today and write about this very popular topic about how to develop your own psychic ability.

Like all skills, psychic ability can be developed. In fact, all humans have that natural psychic ability but it is lost gradually while you grow up. This means, yes, your kids are probably able to see things you can't see! Interesting right? Your pet dogs or cats are probably seeing things you can't see too. Haven't you dog suddenly barked all of a sudden but there is nothing visible near you?

To develop your psychic ability, it takes a lot of discipline, just like all other skills you trying to learn. Continual practise and meditation are needed too. As you develop, there comes a time when you will sense a fleeting image, a feeling or hunch or some such subtle perception.

Here are the top things you can do to increase your subtle senses, or psychic ability, and you could become just like Maria Duval.

1. Throught meditation so that your mind can be calmed to the extent that you can receive sensory messges. You got to turn your mind off! Better still, away from the city chaos and stay in the forest!

2. Have positive attitude and outlook. Being negative and unhappy won't bring you anywhere in this aspect. So have lots of positive thoughts!

3. Practise your focus with objects like cards or animals. I'm not there to offer complete advice yet.

Any other ways to develop your psychic ability? I'm sure there are more, however, I'm still in the process of learning too. And I meditate a lot recently. I feel more spiritual now.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Don't understand

I will never understand why US has taken no action against the gun law since Columbine years ago; how many school massacre would need to happen before our leaders are convinced to take some actions.

School is supposed to be one of the safest places; you won’t know what places are safe when the schools aren’t… it’s pure tragic.

My condolences to the victims’ family.

This incident will really ingrain in my mind for the rest of my years.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not safe

I'm sure by now you know about the tragedy that happened at VT and it really saddens me to hear this unfortunate incident. Our campuses are still not safe after all despite what had happened previously. Anyone could be easy target for anyone getting out of sorts mentally when they are on a suicide rage. Remember, this is a pressure cooker world we are in and anyone who is mentally weak on a borderline will do something disastrous.

That's why it is so important for people to be spiritual nowadays and cultivate the love for the fellow humans and the environment. I want my kids to grow up in a sane world and be safe.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Who is more psychic?

What kind of pet do you think is most psychic?

Cat. (680)

Dog. (446)

Parrot or other bird. (470)

Horse. (34)

Not sure. (73)

Total Votes: 1703


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thoughts and actions

This is what I firmly believe. I have read up some motivational books by famous authors and came to the conclusion that we are a projection of our own thoughts. That means our actions and behaviors are the results of our mind works. I think Maria Duval will agree with me on this too.

Come on all people love to be loved and recognized and if this is understood and respected, you will ultimately be lucky because what goes around comes around. You reap what you sow and this is the law of nature.

That's why I always encourage people not to be overcome by negativities. Transform your thinking to a optimistic and positive thought waves will do wonders to your life. Of course, it is also beneficial that you seek company of the people who are wise, positive and creative but do it without expecting any returns. That's the attitude to success!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Riverboat trip

maria duval riverboatThe weekend trip to the riverboat was thrilling. The weather was just nice although the crowd size was a bit on the high side, probably due to the Easter weekend. It has been some months since I had such fun. I love riverboats ever since I was a kid and as an adult, the casino there is a big draw for me as I enjoy having some money games. There's even a model of riverboat in my cupboard which was a gift from wife when we were dating. The game of chance in the casino even brought me some luck and I made a small winning of about $300 which I'm happy with. Thanks Maria Duval for your blessings!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The concept of money

The sole objective of making money is a wrong choice in life.

Well, listen to what Maria Duval has to say that amassing a fortune, winning a lottery is not a bad idea, but, the love of money that excludes everything else is a sin and it will result in lots of frustration, disappointment, disillusionment and lead to even more serious sins. That is why people have always negatively labelling that 'money is the root of all evils' to that extent that luck is shying away from them.

The most important concept to understand from Maria Duval is that money itself is an energy and it must be circulated freely just like blood circulates freely in your healthy body.

What I learn from conclusion is that we shouldn't reject money if not they won't come to you nor should we over love money to the extent of being greedy and immoral. I admit the balancing act is difficult, just look how many have falled to the dark side because of money.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Goal setting

It seems like everyone around is talking about goals nowadays. I wonder which motivator guru has such an effect on so many people. My company's material supplier says he wants to expand his business into at least 2 new states within 3 years while my neighbor's teen Matt told me his goal is to become the high school's MVP this year. What about me? It made me ashamed because seriously I have not thought about this question!

To me, setting a goal is nothing more than what you dream to be in months (or years) time and it's simply a carefully crafted straight line journey that gets you from point A to B in life. However, this idea just doesn't seem fitting to be as I don't like to be tied down by something intangible. I wish those who set goals will succeed but for me I'm the type that works in spurts of creativity.

I believe we should always open to new ideas, new people, new concepts, new experiences. Sometimes the unexpected will bring you the most pleasure.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

President Casino

We had a change of plan. Instead of flying to Las Vegas, we scrapped this idea and decided to stay put at the area here at St Louis. There are a few riverboats around which are good enough as a substitute. I'm thinking of going back to the riverboat which brought me good luck therefore I told my buddy. He is fine with that.

Well, this will save us a lot of money and we plan to go President Casino which is my lucky place. It has nice food, nice games and of course great fun!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I love singing

Speaking of singing, I'm proud to tell you that I once went for an audition to be a country singer. The record company said I had a bright unique voice that is rare among the guys but I never knew exactly whether they are keen to give me more chances or not. In the end, I was disappointed that they didn't give me a chance as they wanted to look for something that was younger and more 'marketable'. It somehow hurt my pride and that was one of my lows in my life I feel. That was 2 years back but this incident has not diminished my passion to sing.

Well, today's April's Fool but I've got nothing to joke about. It's a quiet Sunday for me and I spent my time playing with kids or watching Psychic Academy over youtube. It really has got loads of stuff here.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's karaoke time!

We had a fun singing session or karaoke over the weekend and it was really a good bonding session. I also invited some good neighbors over for a sing along and dinner while we ate and sang. I love this type of social gatherings because it makes people less stranger-like and it makes the camaraderie spirits stronger. Of course if you know your neighbors well, it is very useful because you can always ask them for their help when some help is really needed. Haven't you watched this show about four housewives always bitching and helping each other? That's what I mean. Well, my neighbors are all nice people to be with and they cared about me when I was hospitalized for nearly 1 month months ago.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shutdown Day

maria duval shutdown dayLook at the graphics at the left side properly. Do you know what it is? What 'shutdown' do you mean? Is the earth stopping for this day?

The guys behind this global project came out with this idea because we are spending more and more hours in front of the computers that we are devoting less quality times to do other things in life. Isn't that a noble cause? So there's a global computer shutdown day on March 24th and we are all encouraged 'discard' our computers for a day. Hmmm...what did I do on that day?

Now take a look at the activities people were doing on shutdown day. Have a laugh!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Psychic Birds N'kisi

Here's one article for an interesting read - about a psychic parrot called N'Kisi which is able to tell what's going on with the owner without seeing the event. The hits are amazingly high, 32/123.

‘Psychic’ parrot expected to ruffle scientific feathers

Tara McKelvey

USA TODAY / December 27, 2006

N’Kisi may look like an ordinary Congo African gray parrot, but she’s the subject of a series of telepathy experiments by a former Cambridge University researcher who says the results are “astounding.”

“The parrot seems to be able to pick up her owner’s thoughts with an amazing degree of accuracy,” says Rupert Sheldrake, a former Royal Society researcher at Cambridge and author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals...............Read more about psychic parrot N'Kisi.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Keeping a positive mindset

Do you think am I addicted to lottery and gambling? I've read there are 7 chakras in the human body that control the human emotions and behaviors, so which chakra controls the urge to gamble? Just a question I pose at myself to keep me thinking about. If you know the answer, feel free to help me ok? :)

I'm not trying to justify myself, I think I've toned down a bit since the hospital stint. That could be the punishment I deserve from God for being too addictive. I've learned. Somehow, there's still an unfinished business which is to really win a big one. Maria Duval has helped me won something substantial ($25,000!!) and I'm aiming for a bigger one. Everyday I'm thinking positive and I have firm faith in her. I don't have the negativity of other people who resign themselves to paucity and blame everyone but themselves for it. This is the way to go I know it and that's how the rich made it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finalizing our gambling trip

April is fast approaching and now I am constantly thinking about the gambling trip next month. I'll be going with my best gambler cum buddy, Landon, whom I met a couple of years back while playing poker in a boat trip. He's a fun guy and we complement each other perfectly. We seems to have that telepathic understanding which is rare between guys and it's a great pity that Hollywood does not knock on our doors for their next 'Police Duo' formula robber & cop show! LOL.... please don't think much, we are perfectly straight and we are already both happily married with kids.

I had spoken to him about my experience with Maria Duval and of course, being a jovial guy he is, he was really ecstatic. I hope his effusion will influence Maria Duval one day and grant him some lucks he so much deserves.

We met up last night at a Starbucks nearby to discuss the trip and we got everything finalized. He will be in charge of hotel booking (I told him 2 rooms please, LOL) while I'll be responsible for airfare booking. Nothing pleases more than getting both our Mrs understanding and agreeable to our trip and I got to thank God and Maria Duval for this luck as I'd worries and concerns about this earlier. Glad it's all worked out!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tarot cards lottery win

I came across this news article with great interest. It happened recently and I don't have the exact date.

There is this Canadian woman called Judy Mayer who won $6.8 million in the Lotto using five of the six numbers she received in a tarot card reading she had in 2005. Called this the real psychic prediction and I like to know which psychic did she visit therefore do not ever dimiss what psychics say. I think she has huge faith in her tarot numbers that's why she can receive this windfall. It's her rewards from the Providence.

Judy said the psychic said she would receive good lucks but never said she would win big amount of money. Further luck was involved but it was Judy's doing. For reasons she was unable to explain, she changed the sixth number given to her -- 45 -- to 46.
Numbers drawn were 5, 6, 17, 21, 31 and 46.

The Lottery company said this is the first time someone had won the big prize based on the tarot cards. She has since quit her job as a hotel manager. Of course I would too!

I guess I would have to place more extra faith with psychics.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Amazing planet

We are living in a truly amazing planet. What do I mean? Other planets out there in space are balls of gas or stones or boiling liquid yet ours is filled with warmth, life and activities. Sometimes I wonder are we the only civilized world in the universe, most probably not because the probability is just too small because they have discovered many other planetary systems in faraway space and there could have billions of such similar life sustaining systems out there.

According to this recent article in the NY Times (I hope to find the link), Earth is doomed to be hit by an asteroid sometime in the not-too-distant future. This might happen on April 13, 2036 (I'd be 70 by then and I wonder if I'll be alive then). What are we going to do about it? Probably by then some hi tech weapons would have been used to blow it up to pieces but that's not a total solution.

I don't wish to think too much except analyzing my bets in the card games. Besides, I'll be 70 when it happens. I plan to have already lived a full life by then. I'll just put on my shades and enjoy the ensuing light show.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday and I'm working

I had to work over the weekend afternoon because of the Thursday delay. The supplier had finally delivered to us on Saturday morning and as the job had an one week delay, we had no choice but to rush through the plans during Saturday afternoon and this means we'll have less stress and pressures during the following work work which translates to less possible errors that would be committed. As the rather new supervisor of 5 staff here, I realized I needed to set a firm grip and I'm glad that all of them were able to commit extra hours on Saturday. This is the luck and attitude I've been experiencing and it goes spot-on with the precise detail guide Maria Duval sent to me earlier this year.

This proves to be working: "Don't wait for things to be right in order to begin. Change is messy. Things will never be just right. Follow Teddy Roosevelt's timeless advice, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

Friday, March 16, 2007

Be a positive supporter

Every role every position is crucial to the overall plan of an organization. Many times it is how you view your job that counts.

Some people may view that their roles in a company are minor compared to those doing sales/marketing that brings in revenue. I regard this people as tall order pessimists because in my present company, there are always a few staff that don't take their jobs seriously and they like to assume that theirs are not important. I used to behave like that that's why I got complacent in the end and accident happened when your mind was not in the job. I hope they will realize that one day. Maria Duval has always taught us to be optimists and positive because that's what counts in this world to be successful.

Haven't you heard of an old story about a happy junior school kid been picked to clap and cheer for the main casts and the boy told the unhappy mother that he was very happy to have been picked as a 'cheerer and clapper! Be a positive supporter is the way to go, ya?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Unexpected day in the theater

What an unexpected day. Because of some last minute delay from my suppliers, my work got delayed too and I couldn't really do anything about it, not even if I gave them a hounding. It was only 1.23pm and really too early to go home. Right, I decided to spending my unexpected free afternoon time in the cinema with my office buddy. '300' is a great movie I heard and I absolutely love this type of movie in medieval setting.

We had a quick lunch eating Vietnamese yummies (broken rice and charbroiled pork) and arrived at Grand 16 just before the 2pm started. I switched off my cellphone for 2 hours and thoroughly enjoyed 300, and the freedom of course. Not for the timid nor culturally illiterate. Between the blood and mythic storytelling, it was a feast for the eyes.

When I reach home, it was only 5pm. I had never been home that early in a long time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I miss my card games

Playing card games is my interest since young and especially poker and bridge. It's been three months since I last played one and I'm planning when to visit the casino again for a ride.

Maria Duval's guide predicts that my lucky period this year is from second week of April till early May and I want to try this one out. It's not all about winning money. It's the thrills that gets me the most. Of course, winning is best outcome, that's the reason why psychic comes into play here.

I can't forget those good times of playing carribbean stud in late 2005 with Maria Duval's blessings that won me $25,000. My life was back on track because of this incident and I really wish to have another shot at that.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home internet network

I went to the a computer store in the town area of the city over the weekend with my family and for some shopping as well. They are growing up and I wanted to get another computer system for them. My intention is to set up a home wireless network therefore I had done some homework earlier regarding how to set the whole thing up smoothly.

The basic idea is to connect a wireless router to my existing cable modem. My old desktop system shall still be connected using a wired cable to the router therefore I spent some time rewiring the area to make it neater.

At the end of the day, after all the new stuff have been set up, all are ready to go. Luckily it went without any hitch and we are all very excited by it. So now, I can use my computer without worrying my kids will mess it up.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Living in truth according to Maria Duval

Living in truth means telling the truth, acting in a way that is true to yourself, that makes you feel at ease with yourself, says Maria Duval. If you always force yourself to do and live things that are not right for you, you will never be at ease with yourself. By acting in this way, you will live in the dimension of the mind and will be confronted constantly by the dual world of good and evil.

Maria Duvals also states her view that a simple way and practice of living in truth is to connect to your intuition which as you know, the vehicle for your communication with the spiritual dimension.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Maria Duval - When is your lucky break?

Games of chance or games of luck, is one of my favorite pastimes. I have always enjoyed it a lot, even to the point of indulging in it and lost quite an amount of money too. Luckily through Maria Duval, she has helped me to recover some of the debts via some winnings during my lucky days.

Horse racing, roulette, lottery etc, are in fact subject to very precise rules. Sometimes people lose in number games and they say it is due to bad luck. What precisely does it mean by 'bad luck'?

Just to share with you what I know. Luck is not blind to everyone BUT it is governed by cosmic laws linked to the astral influences of the various planets. If there is a way to tell when your lucky breaks will be, I am sure you will be very thrilled.

Do bear in mind one thing though, the desires must always be well-motivated, meaning not based on greed and next, you must be determined and believed luck will fall on you.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Maria Duval - living in truth

Living in truth means telling the truth, actiing in a way that is true to yourself, that makes you feel at ease with yourself. If you always force yourself to do and live things that are not right for you, you will never be at ease with yourself. By acting in this way you will live in the dimension of the mind and will be confronted constantly by the dual world of good and evil, and the fear of losing or not having.

A simple way and practice of living in truth is to connect to your intuition which as we all probably know, the vehicle for our communication with the spiritual dimension.

Tune into your heart and feelings, listen to yourself and act in a way that is right for you. Nobody knows better than you what is right for you, others can only jelp you on your way, point you in the right direction, the decisions and the actions are up to you, in fairness to yourself. If your intuition is not yet sufficiently developed, others can help you find what is right for you, although you alone will reap the benefits of your actions.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From Spain... Maria Duval deserves it!

Someone's from Spain actually has this for me in my email today and this is a nice story. It is a translated text to English. There's a Maria's fan from Spain. I think there are many more. We should stick together and be more vocal instead.
Dear Maria Duval,

I thank you for your kindness, and I want to congratulate you, since it is amazing to see how exactly your predictions come true. With a slight difference (of only a few days) I saw that practically all the things you write me about became true.

The fact is that I do not like to gamble at any game; the game I like is to send writings to literature contests, both in prose and in verse (this is a real lottery)and I would like to succeed in this. This is also a field in which I could win a lot of money, and even ensure a regular and stable income in order to make my dreams come true.

Once again, thank you for all your offers and your interest, and I hope to keep receiving your correspondence.

With affection, Juan Lorenzo R.P.
Cadiz, Spain

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Do you wish to attend a psychic sesssion?

Do you wish to try a psychic reading session? Does this frighten you? Would you like to find out how you will be possibly like in the future? Some people entertain this thought but they may not have taken acted to consult one yet.

One reason could be due to fear of unknown, religious belief or the family upbringing. Therefore I do my part to explain more about psychic readings.

When we talk about psychic level, it is ready an exchange of enery within spiritual level. By doing this, one is able to tune in to 'see', 'hear' or 'sense' the happenings at astral plane. This is call psychic reading. All humans have psychic energy just that this has already been so toned down or blocked as we grow up, partly because adults use reasonings to judge the world. If we wish to regain this power, we need to grow our spiritual power.

On the other hand, children especially those very young kids, are perfectly psychical. They can easily sense spiritual realms because they don't employ logic reasoning. It is for this reason why sometimes children behave oddly or may play with some 'invisible friends'.

For adults, to access their lost psychic level ability, the best way is of course to seek professional psychic's help. I find Maria Duval is an excellent clairvoyant and psychic and she's has unparalleled pedigree in this field. Also, some churches may also provide psychic service, especially those spiritualist churches.

If you do attend a psychic session face to face, your mood may affect the reading accuracy. You need to relax, be open-minded and have spontaneous exchange with the psychic. If you have questions, write them down before the session starts.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An office anecdote

To prove why we are linked spiritually I should quote you a real life incident that happened in my office yesterday. I am just an eye-witness and I shall tell you from the third person's perspective. This is not related to any Maria Duval guides or stories.

Three of my lady colleagues were discussing some apparently urgent issues just a couple of tables from my desk. They were chirping away and I could hear clearly what they talked about. One of the three ladies wore a short mini skirt to office yesterday and the rest of the two girls chided her jokingly that she shouldn't wear a skirt that could be shorter than Melinda's. By the way, Melinda is my office's administrative manager and she does know some confidential stuff about everyone in the office and that puts her in a strategic position over here in the company, lol. The glee here is, she likes to wear mini skirt. Therefore the girl talk continued that if Melinda knew someone's skirt was shorter than hers, she could be unhappy and feel upstaged.

Before the giggling among them stopped, Melinda appeared from nowhere and exclaimed, "Who's talking bad about me?" I laughed too.

This anecdote and little joke proves, never talk bad behind anyone because, they know somehow. We are all spiritually and 'psychically' linked.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was just thinking about you, then it rang!

This is an interesting news article that describes about an experiment done about telepathy. I’m sure everyone here has had this happen to them. I know it happens to me all the time. :)

Many people have experienced the phenomenon of receiving a telephone call from someone shortly after thinking about them -- now a scientist says he has proof of what he calls telephone telepathy.

Rupert Sheldrake, whose research is funded by the respected Trinity College, Cambridge, said on Tuesday he had conducted experiments that proved that such precognition existed for telephone calls and even e-mails.

Each person in the trials was asked to give researchers names and phone numbers of four relatives or friends. These were then called at random and told to ring the subject who had to identify the caller before answering the phone.

"The hit rate was 45 percent, well above the 25 percent you would have expected," he told the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. "The odds against this being a chance effect are 1,000 billion to one."

He said he found the same result with people being asked to name one of four people sending them an e-mail before it had landed.

However, his sample was small on both trials -- just 63 people for the controlled telephone experiment and 50 for the email -- and only four subjects were actually filmed in the phone study and five in the email, prompting some scepticism.

Undeterred, Sheldrake -- who believes in the interconnectedness of all minds within a social grouping -- said that he was extending his experiments to see if the phenomenon also worked for mobile phone text messages.


Monday, February 5, 2007

Maria duval - Money is an energy

I believe that each human being is entitled to be rich. We are incarnated on this earth to lead a life of plenty. To be happy, prosperous and free. As such everyone should have enough riches to be prosperous in this earth. But why are so many people not prosperous?

I came to the conclusion through Maria Duval's guide that it could be due to the fact that many people despise money and regard money as 'dirty'. How can that be, you ask! That's what I do not understand too. On the other end, too greedy of money can also lead to unbalance. Some people desire more money and more power and this leads to the lack of unbalance. This will result in money being the cause of the misfortunes.

Money is also an energy. It is the physical counterpart of a spiritual force. It must circulate freely like blood in a healthy person's body. To be prosperous, everyone should adopt an awareness of richness meaning we must convince our minds that richness will flow into our lives forever.

Thanks for reading my simple analysis of money is an energy.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Maria Duval talisman

Here is one of my Maria Duval talismans which has brought me good luck last couple of months. I know it will continue to shower me with fortunes and bliss in the coming months. Thanks God. It was snapped with my Nokia phone camera and the quality's not that top-notched.

mariaduval talisman
I slot it inside my wallet and it follows me to whenever I go, so its effect is optimized. You can doubt its usefulness but it's really helps. Some things in spiritual realms are beyond normal comprehension.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Maria Duval has psychic power, so do you!

My television had fallen sicked suddenly on Tuesday night. There is sound but the screen is a blank. It's about time to retire it and replace it with a plasma or LCD maybe. The next day I checked out the local service directory and made an arrangement for a repair on Friday. I guess I will miss this week's Medium.

I am not a couch potato but my family is. It is a common pastime of many families in this country. Suddenly, it seems like the environment is quieter and I could hear more of my inner voice. Yes, i read in one of the Maria Duval's book that modern appliances actually produce a lot of harmful radiations in all directions and these invisible waves penetrate through the walls and through our bodies thus causing our cells to chemically react due to the radiations to become malignant. Imagine your TV, cellphones, fridge, wireless routers, power lines near your houses, I think I have been fried many times all over by now. Your inner self is a shy guy, it always whispers to you softly that you miss its voice all the time because you been busily taking on these powerful radiations. Now with TV gone, it finally dares to come to you more bolder.

Earlier this evening, a thought striked through me suddenly just when I was doing some tidying up of my room and it said quietly to me that my TV repairman could be on the way up the small path leading to my house. Spot on! Barely 1 min later, the door ring buzzed. I have this psychic ability too! Do you ever have this experience?

It could be psychic power in working. There are times when you have a hunch that someone's gonna call you and bingo, that person does call you some minutes later! Why is that so? Well I will tell you - it is that realization in that spot of your head that lights up like a banner - that calm all knowing feeling - that voice inside all of us. It's thought frequencies match up that's why it comes. You just need to be more observant and listen to it because many times, your inner one will guide you through.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Maria Duval's Talisman is effective

The talisman is very effective. “I would like to thank you for my talisman. I am unbelievably happy with it. I have written the name of my girlfriend in the ring and put it under my pillow. It is already highly effective. Its powers are absolutely amazing, so it really is the best present I’ve had for years. Thank you Maria Duval.”

That is how exuberant I am about the talisman. It has helped me won some money, found a good job and generally smoothened my life journey. I always get along well with my colleagues too and everything is rosy. I am looking forward to every new day with renewed optimism.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Why psychics are females?

It's just passed Sunday and time really flies. Another week of work slogging is about to start and the cycle repeats itself, incessantly until ....... only if I am a psychic who can predict own future, lol. Today I suddenly thought about this question because it seems that all the famous psychics I have seen online or on TV are ladies! Why is that so? Maria Duval is a lady, so does Sylvia Browne and Allison Du Bois.

To answer this question, don't you agree with me that how come your wife always have that uncanny knack of feelings to correct tell you what you been going when you got home one late night? It is not always right, but quite near to the right answer and guys have to scurry to twist the brains fast to come out with an excuse to counter.

Females by nature have this ability because feelings get to them easier and faster meaning they connect with their own spirits more accurately than guys. Females also get deeper into this intuition and hence more 'exposures' can be delved into. It's due to that in-built mechanism I guess.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Maria Duval - The light within us

Today, as I am sitting in my cosy room thinking of ideas for this post, I cannot help but be a little distracted by the weather. It is one of those picture-perfect winter days, the leaves on the trees are gone with patches of white snow taking its place for the time being.
The scenery outside really makes me truly thankful to be alive to see such view.

I thought about the events and people around me, people who appeared in my life to guide me along through difficult times, whether my family or simply Maria Duval, who gives me a lot of insight, luck and spirituality into my life.

It should be a two way traffic. Give and receive, receive then give. There are many times when I had to act like a shining light for some people. Maybe it was in a kind word or gesture to a stranger that made a difference in their day, or maybe it was sitting with a friend in need.

I remember a time when I had to console a stranger whose wife has just been hospitalized with illness. We were just acquaintances on that fateful day where I was there as well for a sicked family member. We did not say much but I consoled him with empathy. I never saw him again but I knew I had offered him a kind gift by giving him a compassionate heart. It's also through such incidences in life that we all grow up and gain life experiences.

As important as people have been to us, we also carry with us our very own light that I call the spirit within. It is that whisper from our own hearts that will guide our path if we seek it with our senses.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Laws of Universe

maria duval psychicI have a friend, not a very close one who I met a few months back in a poker trip. We played together at the table a couple of times and had meals together too occasionally. We always sat down after some games, had some drinks and talked about lifes.
What amazes me about him is that he always seemed to get everything that he wants! I am sure you know such kind of people in your life. A person who's life path is so well-planned, gets the promotions they want easily, and when they need money, they won some lotteries. If only lifes are so plain sailing for everyone. I used to wonder why he's that lucky.

Some more they have perfect partner, lives in a nice house, always happy and they are the envy of many in social meetings. You’re probably saying, “Sure, I’d be happy and upbeat too if I had everything I wanted. "

Now, let's turn the vision to the other side. Have you heard why some people's lifes are always screwed up ? Example, his car was vandalized, her home was broken into, he just lost his cell phone, had a bad vacation, had an injury in a sports game etc all in a month?

If you take both type of these people and analyze closely, you will notice something interesting. Let me explain more.

There are a set of principles called the Laws of the Universe that affects each one of us every single day. I am sure you have heard of Law of Gravity and you know perfectly sure what this law is all about. Same thing happens for Laws of the Universe.

The first law of it is the Law of Attraction. Briefly this law means that what we think about we attract to us, meaning, your thoughts are like your own invisible magnets. The second law is called Law of Deliberate Creation meaning we want to add emotion to our thoughts to speed up the process. The third law is Law of Allowing, meaning we must allow the universe to fulfill our desires.

In short, these three laws make up a divine concept called manifesting. You decide what you want to create, you add emotion to it, and then let the universe bring it to you. With the Law of Universe, you can see that things in life begin to fall into places. Those people who always get what they want in life are doing what most people are not doing, they are focusing on the good and positive things they want and they receive them. As for the 'unlucky' type of people, have you noticed that they are always around constantly telling everyone if they have chance about what bad things happened yesterday. Each time they tell the story, it gives more creation power to more of the same 'unlucky' kind of stuff.

So how can we apply the Law of the Universe to our daily lifes?

It is all about the process of controlling what we think about really. To give some examples. Let say if you find yourself thinking your job presentation tomorrow will mess up I can bet it will be messed up. If you think that the drive to work is terrible because of all the traffic, chances are there will be lots of traffic accidents. If you think Maria Duval is scam, then it will be a scam and whatever she says will be rubbish.

To gain dominance over our immense thought process, we may have to trick ourselves. Let's go back to the example where you are going to present about your project proposals tomorrow in office, how about telling yourself that tomorrow you are going to have a great presentation outcome because you have prepared well and knows what to expect? To many people, this way of thinking may sound silly, but it works! Do not be like negative people always think they know the most and they are the masters in life. They complain and they bitch about everything they come across and yet how many of them achieve what they want in life? Coming back, it's the mindset we are talking about whereby we focus on the positives rather than many negatives we were taught since young.

You are the one who really manifest the type of life you want. And I repeat, thoughts are magnets that attract what you think.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Medium series

medium maria duval psychicThere is a great TV series called Medium from NBC. I have started to follow this program and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is right now at Episode 9 of Season 3 and you can watch it on NBC every Wednesday night I think.

The main character is Allison DuBois, a woman with psychic powers and played by Patricia Arquette. She is a woman with psychic powers living in Arizona, and works with the District Attorney’s office to solve murders. The stories are thought to be based on some real-life experiences of a medium named Allison DuBois who also lives in Arizona.

I enjoy it because of its suspense and well-written script and I feel it is notches better than watching those reality series out there. I guess I will go back to the video shows to get the DVD's for Season 1 and 2. I will at least know more about psychics, mediums, although fictitiously.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who says Maria Duval does not exist?

To those who said there is no such person around or she's a scam, just watch this video. It was one of her videos of interviews she had done some years back I believe. I think there are a few videos around in youtube too. This one I post here is done in Switzerland.

Watch and eat your words.

Finally! Thanks Maria Duval

First of all I like to confess honestly that I am so tired of being an unproductive member of the society!

Now come the good news! I had just been offered a job that I like very much. Does that come as a surprise to you? I will join this company starting on January 22nd. I have been scouring for one for the last one month or so. I just attended a single interview and out of the blue, the phone came and the HR lady told me that great news!

Well, I have not been in the workforce since 1 year back. The only 'job' I had then was those trips for carribean stud poker as a "luck hunter". It's a new beginning with a new sense of mission in my life I should say. At least that is something very positive, and that is what Maria Duval had said to me. Next week will be another story, as the company is quite far away from here. I would require to travel 1 hour to reach there by highway.

I am going to go dig out more about this company now, then will play some virtual baseball game on the PC before going out for dinner. To Maria Duval, what you have done for me is enormous! Even though I have welfare allowances I'd still prefer to do something useful rather than sitting at home going gardening most of the time. My family and I have to get used to so much prosperity. With your help all negative influences disappeared and life is simply so much better.

You are a gift from God! Thanks!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Maria Duval guide: 28th July to 21 August 2007

Maria Duval tells me that psychologically, the influence from 28th July to 21 August 2007 will be excellent and will tend to emphasize reflection, a sense or order, attention to details and patience.

She says I will be capable, all during this period, to face up to easily problems whilst bearing my long-term objective in mind.

I will be more easily balance my need for liberty with the need to perform my task. In fact, I will not be inlined to consider my duties and obligations as limitations or even restiction to me but more as the opportunity to gain in wisom and maturiaul

Whilst remaining true to my princuiles, my idea will become grander and more tolerant.

Your sense of order, duty and justice will lose some of their rigor and be replaced by more generous feelings.

The majority of your deeds will be governed by a strong sense of duty and you may possibly develop a paternalistic tendency towards the people around you.

In addition, this period could be very good for business and trade and your financial investments could well be likely to go off very well.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Maria Duval's guide: from Jan 20th to Jan 29th 2008

I read my Maria Duval's forecast for this period and it is not very favorable for my mental faculties in as much as my judgement may easily be at fault. A certain tendency to see your ideas on too large a scale, to get the right sense of proportions could lead me to make mistakes.

It would be good in particular to watch the financial and administrative side closely. This will not be the time to make unusual purchases, nor to think of speculation.

Maria Duval also advises that I also must beware of problems which might be caused by contractual relations and business regulations. Certain transactions could give rise to arguments, disputes, or even legal proceedings. If, however, I am involved in negotiations, I will be well advised to pay great attention to the details and not leap to hasty conclusions. With this in mind, it could be very advantageous for me to take specialist advice, for example, attorneys or specialists, etc.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Letter to Maria Duval

I have just written a letter to Maria Duval expressing my thanks and personal gratitude to her. I should have done that mid of last month but it's always there in the list not moving. This is letter is certainly a very strong endorsement to her. I hope more people will benefit under her guidance.

"Thank you for the folder entitled "Special Reading for Wealth and Happiness". I shall read each month and work on the information.

This morning I received your letter 777 and all the predictions it contained.

I have not written to you for sometime as I did not have anything to say although you have been in my thoughts.

However, today I collected $2,913 from Lotto 07-12-06.

I bought the ticket on Dec 1st using numbers I had worked out from "Secret Instructions" and others which you have given me.

So it has been your perseverance which has kept me interested. I have you to thank for that."

Monday, January 8, 2007

Maria Duval is a real psychic

"Dear Maria Duval, as you mentioned in your letter, it is my wish, once i debt free, i would like to help other less fortunate people who are struggling.... Maria Duval, do you know, once i am debt free, and i have a regular income to look after my daily expenses, i won't need a big deal of money to play with. It is more important to contribute to the society than splurging everyone on myself."

This is my personal tribute to Maria Duval for this year 2008. I put in in this thread because i think this is a popular page where most people will see.

"My dearest friend Maria Duval,

This year I have not written a lot to you as compared to last year. How time flies! My last letter to you was in February when I wrote in to inform you I had won a little bit of money from lottery. Thank you so much, Maria!

After this lucky event, my life has been blissful and smooth. I even got a pay increment in August. A surprise because there was a lot of uncertainties in economy in the second half of the year. You have correctly predicted my life will get even better sometime in August. Maybe that was the one you were referring to?

That is why I feel regretful to write to you only now, when the year end approaches and Christmas is here. However, I just want to let you know that i am always grateful to you for helping me.

Yes, I have also viewed your new interview videos. You look radiant from what i see. I wish you have continual health and psychic energy so that more people can gain from your help. I tell myself I will do my best to talk to negative people that you are a God-send. Not some low down charlatans as some people might perceive you to be. That is why to world is so chaotic because people always are negative!

Well, I shall stop now. I wish you and all your friends have a even better 2009 and make there be peace in your life and family.


Maria Duval talking about lotterySource: Maria Duval video interview at www.mariaduval.net

maria duval photoA great Maria Duval testimony:

I wrote to you earlier last year explaining how I won $500.00 since I met Maria Duval. Since my last letter I have won a Super Bowl football square pool worth $1150,00 using one of her numbers which was one of my lucky numbers as well. I won $150.00 in mass. Big Game lottery using my number, $250.00 in mass cash lottery using another one of her numbers and my number, I hit the mass daily number in a daily number pool for $413.00 & I had a quarter on it myself and won $163.75 I also had 4 or 5 $10.00 hits in Mass cash and many $1.00 & $2.00 hits in all Mass lotteries. Today I won $10.00 in mass cash and I won $10.00 on a scratch ticket. I also won $100.00 in Lucky Sevens about 4 or 5 times and $50.00 about 5 times including 2 in a hour & a half. So far I estimated I’ve won over $2000.00 since I met Maria Duval. God bless Maria Duval.

Sincerely yours,

E. R. M. Sr.

It was a surprise when I clicked my email inbox today because one of my friends sent me a clear picture of Maria Duval the clairvoyant. That is something rare because till now I have only seen her in some touched up graphics which is not very convincing to justify her identity. I hope to help her shedding some of the negative press around her by posting this photo right there at this blog. I am open for any comment.

In the photo you can see Maria Duval magnetizing the gifts before they are sent to the customers. I will check with my friend whether she can get more pictures of Maria Duval and I will duly post them here if I can.

My latest testimony for Maria Duval:
I won a betting on the horse racing for a small prize of $90 but the Universe is getting more generous on me because a few days later, I won $900 jackpot. This money is just nice for a better summer holiday here. Thank you very much Maria Duval and I have great faith in you.
I do not understand why they are saying Maria Duval is fake. She is real apparently! If she were a fake, police would have already tracked her down years ago. Probably, many people dislike what she promises which could be a bit overboard.

Even though she has appeared in the photos and real life video interviews, I do agree her publicity needs to be improved, after all, we are all living in the age where people are very PR conscious.

More Youtube videos on Maria Duval: