Thursday, January 31, 2008

balance holds the world together

"Balance" is the state that holds everything together in this world and universe. Don't you think so? Without balance, the whole structure will collapse, the planet will go off course, or we'll fall down as we walk. Every one of us fights for our freedom and balance too. People fight because they are looking for balance!

Chinese medicine centers totally on the concept of balance too, so you can see how crucial that is. Without balance, people will fall sicked and get mentally disturbed too.

Well, my simple advice from what I learn from spirituality is whenever you feel out of sorts like angry, depressed, allow yourself to feel them, next sit down, and begin your deep, even breathing, releasing tension, and negative emotions, and bring yourself back to balance.

Remember balance in all that you do. Too much of anything, even good things, will not work.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

spiritual gift

As space exploration technologies get more advanced year after year, what appears to be a unlimited vastness of universe begins to reveal their "faces". We are all made of dust of the universe hence we are part of the universe. What we have in our body can be found in the most distant galaxies too. We are all one. The place we stay is just barely a dot in this vastness. So you can say, life does not come by chance.

I believe we not not alone. With billions of stars out there, what do you think is the probability of something similar to earth? Should be high, shouldn't it? I’ve always felt these came from a Higher source…. All from the same source.

When I look beyond the telescope, I feel great gush of cosmic energy coming into me. That is why we are spiritual. That's the gift for being an intelligent being.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

balancing and restoring

I have that Maria Duval special balance restorer and 4 force rods placed in my place for more than 2 months and I'm absolutely delighted with it. As instructed, I place it at the room where I sleep and there is a sense of peace every night. Rarely do i have bad sleeps now and previously I used to wake up morning feeling tired but now every morning i feel very fresh and energetic. Even my wife has said I feel different because I look forward to the day with optimism instead of laziness. My leg and back feel less pain too. I'll tell you why soon.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Book of the Damned

Here is the eBook version of the famous book by Charles Fort mentioned by Maria Duval in one of her recent letters. I thought I just share with all of you who may be keen to read it. It's a free download. Just click on my link below.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I think we are living at a really fast-paced world nowadays. Even if you want to slow down your own pace, somehow, mentally you will be affected by the rush going by you. It makes you wonder whether you are out of touch with the society already.

Have you ever been at the fast food counter and the cashier has asked you for your order and you ask them to let you think for a moment and they begin to tap their foot as if they are actually saying "Hurry up dude, there are people behind you that I have to wait on!" Or have you ever been at the car park ticket machine making payment and you sense the impatience in the queue behind you?

Patience has been recognized as an admirable and honorable attribute, for as long as time. It has been written and quoted about, again and again over the centuries by many a wise men (and women). Confucius, Leonado Da Vinci, Edmund Burke, just to name a few.

Intelligence - action. Patience - reflection. This is my humble interpretation

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

In the new year..

After the partying moments everywhere in the country counting down to 2008, we are now back to the reality of measuring our lives once again as we say goodbye to our vacations while trudging back to our offices with memories of previous years.

I learn from Maria Duval the harm of harboring resentments and bitterness towards individuals who do not know any better only occupies time and energy that can be better spent on more productive endeavors. In the new year of 2008, I urge all of my brothers and sisters to reach beyond this world and its society constraints and see into the realms of true spiritual prosperity and happiness as we seek for real bliss to bring into our lives.

We are all travelers in this vast plane of existence for a some decades but that's just a fleeting blink of an eye when you look at the big picture. Therefore live well and please focus on helping humanity especially lost souls.

I call to all those seeking truth, light, and eternal peace to teach the world one person at a time to receive the gifts of the universe.

I hope all that understand take time to share the cosmic knowledge we have been blessed with. Despite the negative energy around please remember it is our spiritual obligation to try and teach the true meaning of life.

Have a blessed new year! :)