Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Special and different

Right now, I'm thinking, how much improvement to my life with the help of Maria Duval. So far I have been consistently meditating, I hope to do it daily though. It does not take much time just about ten minutes before I sleep. Listening to some spiritual music while meditating really lifts me up and I even sleep better since then. I like the feeling of my energy connecting with the universe.

I thank you for all the secrets you have told me this year. They really open me up a lot about the affairs of the heart and emotions. Luck has become better I feel and the chances of winning the card games increased too.

Also I think that Maria Duval knows me well because all of her mails have mentioned things that are deep in my heart. But I don’t know what gone to happen with that in the near future so I'll just consult her for some reference, but I know each of us is different and special.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Path of rigor

We fail all the time. Most people experience the taste of failures at some stages of their lives. I wouldn't say it is a must that you have to fail before you can succeed 'beyond all things', although historically, we've seen many cases of highly successful achievers who've experienced lots of crushing failures and defeats before their great achievements.

When we look through history, we often marvel at the stupendous achievement of those great minds who had succeeded yet often, we did not take into account their path of rigors that brought them to where they were.

It's makes sense to say they are just ordinary folk like us who stuck through to their visions or who just got 'lucky' because they stayed on the course long enough until probability starts to favor them.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Time before I sleep

I like to spend some short minutes to reflect on what's happened during the day. It has become part of my routine and I think it is a productive time to spend on as you end the day. It makes me more relaxed and peaceful; it soothes my fears too and I sleep better as a result.

Lately I have been receiving some letters from Maria Duval and all of them are very appealing to my current situation. But I just subscribe to one of her recent services and it is good enough for me in the next few months. I am a person that needs lots of assurances, and it makes me confident when she said I have good months ahead next year. I reflect on that during my daily reflection too if what I'm doing is right.

As I think, I see people who are important in my life in my mind's eye as I go to sleep. These people may be loved ones like my grand parents; or, people who have passed away long time ago like one of my childhood buddies (in a road accident).

I just somehow enjoy their fleeting presence and to see if they messages for me.. I feel that these people have entered your space for a reason, so it is best just to silently witness the message they bring.