Thursday, September 24, 2009

Be inspired

What is the meaning of "inspired" really? Maria Duval explains it is to cause someone to feel motivated to drive them further in their area of passion.

Eastern spirituality believes that there are two forces, the yin and the yang, which means, the "dark" and the "bright" respectively, the "negative" and the "positive".

Yes, to live balanced and well, these two opposite forces must coexist harmoniously.

Maria Duval unfortunately agrees that it is mostly the yin force which always seems to dominate over the yang force. This is caused by a programmed mind ingrained by society doctrines since young. Also, most of us have a lazy mind which simply resists changes. This is not the way we were meant to be as e are creatorswe are in charge of our own destiny, and we are commanded by the forces of the universe to be the best we can.

Why should we allow negativity live rent free in our mind. Kick it out and allow the power of the universe to enter your life and you will see positive changes instantly.

In the end, you will become a more complete person that takes charge of own destiny.

Be inspired.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maria Duval's simple tips to improve intuition

Maria Duval's ways to grow your sixth sense or intuition:

1. Begin to pay notice to the little voices at the back of your mind. Do not discredit these little voices straight. Give them some attention.

2. If you listen to these little voices, record them daily how many of them were proven right later on.

3. Keep a meditating daily. It will make you more attentive to the little voices.

4. Continue to fire up your imagination and visualization. The ample use of right brain will make you more intuitive.

5. Hang around other people who are intent on developing their intuition. You will learn faster when you can share your experiences with others.

6. Allow the flow of psychic energy through your body. Eating right and exercising will help keep your body in balance.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Be positive even when it seems bleak

The economy has not really recovered despite many good economic reports. People are still guessing and wondering what are ahead in the next few months or next year.

This will surely lead to more stresses in life as people could be holding back their spending thus curtailing more possible growth in this fragile economy.

Problems like increased stress, fatigue, disharmony, loss of wealth and jobs. That's why it is even more important to adopt a positive attitude if you feel things are not going for you.

I feel it's important to stay positive, and keep a glass is half full mentality. This is true across the board, no matter which line you are earning a living on.

Yes, its even more important to keep the morale high and staying positive is even more crucial then ever. Be a leader among your friends or colleagues and they will look up to you.

If you have lost your job, it's very common to feel helpless and even depressed. This is normal, but it's important that you don't let these feelings affect your efforts to find a new source of income. Letting yourself spiral into a state of depression will only make it harder to get back on top.

If you find yourself struggling to stay positive, another way to help remove some of the stress is to stop watching the news. I admit there are many doom predictors in the media, especially in finance media like CNBC. What they say have a very big impact in our thoughts as we perceive them to be experts. Turn the telly off when you are feeling down.