Thursday, May 31, 2007

Restful nights

It is a safe and natural way to find a long-term solution for your sleepless nights. You deserve to enjoy the benefits of a restful sleep every night. Adequate sleep is essential to good health. The average person sleeps about one-third of their life. That means if you live to age seventy-five, twenty-five of those years will be spent asleep.

Many factors cause sleeplessness; here are just a few of them:

1. Guilt feelings; not being good enough or meeting your expectations
2. Taking worries to bed with you
3. Being obsessed with the false idea that you just can't sleep
4. Tension and/or fatigue
5. Pain and discomfort from an illness
6. Poor sleeping conditions
7. Poor habits (eating at night)

Help To Induce Restful Sleep

1. Supper is light and eaten relatively early
2. Take a short stroll after dinner
3. Avoid exciting, dynamic, or focused activities in the evening
4. Avoid watching TV in the evening
5. Prepare for bedtime at least 30 minutes before you intend to get into bed
6. Laugh! Laughter is an important element in health and healing.
7. Meditate.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All things are given if the mind is prepared

I read that there is a spiritual law that says "All things are given if the mind is prepared". Maria Duval's teachings have reinforced that saying. When I think about it, I think this teaching inexplicably explains many things that are happening around us. Don't you think so?

If you think you are going to meet someone, then your subconscious will generate in the invisible world the astral forms necessary for the realisation of your wish. Every time you think of something, you will make that thing materialise in the invisible world.

If you think "I'm going to have the means to buy myself a car, a house, pay for my child's education and etc" then your subconscious will generate the circumstances that favour the fulfillment of your beliefs: it will attract the circumstances, the people, the solutions that will enable you to achieve it, maybe gradually over the time. Then one by one, the opportunities that you had not seen until then manifest themselves to you, and, the means to fulfill your thoughts will appear magically. How fascinating don't you think so? Such is the subtle and immense power of our minds.

This creative use of thoughts can be for the better or for the worse. Unfortunately, many people sway to the negative part of it and use thoughts in a very damaging way, like fear, anxiety or anger.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Manage your emotions

Sometimes when I feel angry, impatient or extremely frustrated, an inner mechanism within me will trigger an alarm that will cool me down with cold water before my mind goes out of control. Yes, it takes me many months to achieve that because normal human habits are hard to be changed. It takes a lot of determination to change your natural habits. I used to be a very combustible person when I was younger.

Maria Duval tells me that when I get excessively angry without control, a lot of positive life energy is drained from me and the results could be disastrous if that is allowed to happen. It may lead to guilt, shame, remorse and tragedies.

If I don't allow this angry feeling to fester more, simply observe it and you will be able to find its source to change its energy into a positive one. I know that is easier said than done. It requires a person to thoroughly understand his/her own emotions. Accept and recognize your emotions and you will be able to transform it from negative to positive.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The enemy within us

People are faced with difficulties and obstacles all the time; some people defeat these obstacles and become stronger and wiser while some people are simply swept aside with doubts and dejections with themselves.

I remember well when I was hospitalized for a few times in 2005 due to the swelling in body. Everyday was a pain to me. The thought of letting go came to me a few times, especially during the silence of the night. Somehow, I told myself not to be silly but remained brave so that I shall come out as the winner. It was one of the lowest points of my life during that time.

After the ordeal was over, I thought back and came to the conclusion that each person has a common enemy. That enemy is none other than the enemy within ourselves and the wicked voice of our enemy will keep whispering to us that what we do to change the situation is just a waste of time.

So when you are faced with your inner enemy, persevere and strive forward. Don't ever think of the negativities. Maria Duval will be by your side if you need her help!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to be a good dreamer?

Dreams could mean our Higher Selves healing, advising, encouraging, and sometimes warning us of coming dangers. Dreams are really a mystical topic which humans have still not fully grasped even at this present time.

I usually have a lot of dreams, some weird, some funny, some mysterious, and some clueless. I have even dreamed of Maria Duval talking to me in a dream! I read in a passage that being a good 'dreamer' is actually beneficial to you.

WEll, its easy, just by recording them. Leave a notepad besides your bed and jot your dream fragments and dates down immediately the moment you wake up. This will automatically increase your ability to remember. By getting the journal and devoting time to this activity, you are sending a message to your consciousness that you are more interested in your dreams.

Shall I start jotting dreams from now? :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Right sense

Have you ever spent some moments of your time to think and reflect on the turning points in your life, like, whom and when you married, the milestones of your career, or how you fare in schools, starting a business. How did they turn out in the end?

We have all experienced what it's like to have an outcome so different from what you expected it to be. We also have had some feelings before the situation came to pass that determined whether we were happy or not with a choice that we made.

When we make a decision, we adapt and grow from there and move forward purposefully, but sometimes, events are not only different from what was expected, they are also very painful. People gifted with psychic ability claim that pain can either enhance your intuitive development or impede it, depending on the way you reacted to the pain.

Your intuition is always gathering data from collective wisdom and experience. It relays messages to your consciousness about how and when to proceed. Some people find that they have physical intuition. Do seek psychic Maria Duval's help when you are confused because she has helped and taught me a lot.

You will need to develop that intuition with a lot of trust and practice every time you are faced with a decision to make. You will soon find out that your inner voice will lead you to the right decisions and will help you avoid a lot of meaningless pain in the future.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spiritualist and Psychics

There are many spiritualists/psychics. Are they similar? Well, you do not have to be a psychic to be a spiritualist and visa-versa even though it turns out that one is usually both. For me, I would like to be more spiritual but that does not mean I'm a spiritualist. A spiritualist is by definition someone who believes through witness that there is life after death while a pychic has sixth sense perception and is sensitive to other phenomena.

A spiritualist/psychic is able to tune into other frequencies that people that are not spiritualists, psychic or mediums cannot feel or see. These are other planes or dimensions where different spirits and entities reside. Most spiritualist/psychics have a particular spirit guide or guardian angel that they communicate with on a regular basis.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I think mountains are great places for me to practice and learn spirituality. Social life teaches me how to connect to the people community while the spiritual practices trains me to look inward, to gain inner peace despite the crowd.

Sometimes, the feeling of pitching a tent in the Rocky Mountain gets to me so strong that I really want to fly there immediately. After years of looking for material comforts, my outlook in life has turned dramatically, and now, a simple life when bare living essentials is what I need. Well, Maria Duval has said this is a year of changes for me!

Such a spiritual trip should be full of excitement, fear, peacefulness, expectation and a whole lot of other feelings.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is the process of going within to un-covering the veils of illusion and seeing our Divine essence as the light, beauty, and love that we already are, and always were, and to quite simply see it, acknowledge it, appreciate it, honor it, and bless it, within ourselves. It begins within. There are many ways and many paths on this journey. No one path is the "right way." It is "right" according to your agreement with your soul and the lessons it came to learn on this planet.

Spiritual Healing will occur when you and your soul agree together, to make the choice to see it. It happens in an instant. It can take a lifetime, or a second to get there, but once you see it you will never see yourself, other people, places or things the same again.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been mentioned frequently by Maria Duval in her teachings and books. Very simply, it means you will get or attract what you think. Thought is energy and your thoughts will show up on your experience. It's a concept that's easy to undertand yet hard to explain because it encompasses areas into philosophy, spirituality, religion and even, science. I came across this blog that explains more about Law of Attraction in details. It's a long article and it needs to be read a few times to understand what Steve is trying to say. But it nicely complements what I learn from Maria Duval.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Keep that balance

Hope you have a fine weekend and I'm sad with what's happening in Kansas. Nature is powerful.

I know my emotions well enough. Sometimes I'm subject to mood swings and my wife tells me I'm hard to get along when I'm iAn a bad mood. She's right, but luckily most of the time I'm a cheerful person, unless some events really make me real bad. Now, I'm doing my best to maintain so that I won't be subject to swings again.

While browsing, I saw Mere's excellent article from her blog about maintaining balance to achieve a happy life. According to her, Maria Duval encourages people to be balanced or level-headed. Psychic Maria Duval says that people who are balanced are confident and they can face up to any adverse situations successfully. Maria encourages all to be level-headed, but a person can't do that if there are two different aims thus there is no proper focus. Hope you know my point here. :)

I think what Maria says is true as there are many tragedies happening which is the result of the lack of calmness and mind control. People are too soft and weak nowadays when they are faced with some life calamities. People with weak control will break lose and begin to blame the events around them for their state. Think VT.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Crystal cave of the giants

Crystals have healing and metaphysical benefits and that's have been mentioned over the past centuries. They values have never diminished over time. They are many types of crystals all with different healing and spiritual purposes. It's a big cove of spiritual knowledge over here.

Managed to surf to this site about Crystal Cave of the Giants - Discovery of the Largest Crystals on Earth and the photos there are fascinating. It's looks rather like the krytonite cave in the superman movies but's the color's in white. I think the news is few years back but it still makes a good read.