Friday, May 23, 2008

The moment before we sleep is precious

I treasure the time just before I sleep. Not matter how tired or sleepy I may be, I'll spend at least ten or fifteen minutes to reflect on the day and jot down on my notebook what I've learned. It makes a good guidebook for teaching my kid too. I do my best to make her listen; it's not easy I must say. She has her own views most of the time.

This is a time where you can reflect on what has happened in the day; and, if you are relaxed and at peace, you may notice thoughts coming into your head about what it is you would like to do tomorrow. I also write down my objectives and I'll carry it around with me on the next day. Sometimes I need a presentation and I'll use the power of visualisation learned from Maria Duval to image what'd be going on successfully.

As I reflect, sometimes I see people who are important in my life in my mind's eye. These people may be your loved ones; or, people who have passed to Spirit - perhaps a long time ago - may come around you and work with you on a daily basis.

This period before sleep is a good time to send messages telepathically to loved ones who may be separated from you at the moment. Distance is no barrier: just a gentle loving thought held within the mind and heart using your feelings and emotions will go a long way.

It is said that this system works even for people who have passed over!! I'm not very sure about it..I do send some thoughts to them occasionally. The time before sleep is also a good time to send loving thoughts of healing and support to our friends and relatives who may benefit from this.

It is this feeling of wholeness and expanded vision that helps us to see our way around blockages. If you have any issues you would like to receive specific answers to, our subconscious mind will take over the question while we're asleep and work on it for us.

And do not be surprised that by the morning you are awake, you have already received the answers to your dilemma! It is so unbelievable.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

forget your resentment

We have good memories. Especially at remembering something painful and poignant. That's why bad and painful experiences of suffering bring us angst and resentment. We live in hope that one day we'll get the revenge and get back to the guys who made us suffer. I guess that's a normal emotional thought. As long as I am able to mediate it and know where is the limit, there is no problem.

However, things start to go wrong horribly the moment your seed of resentment blossoms into a tree. It will terrorize you mentally and the resentment you have inside will tear you apart. Harboring painful pasts is not going to be good to our heart, body and mind. Piling the resentments against others make us slaves to them. The pain in our hearts is not going to be erased by taking revenge. Plotting revenge is also eating us up, inside out.

The best is, to release all these resentments by refusing to relive what has been tearing us apart. Leave all the pain to the Higher Self. By doing so, we have released our life from the grip of resentments. We are ready to face the future.

Friday, May 2, 2008

A healthier alternative to coke and soda

Days are getting hotter and while it is in our tradition to reach for a can of coke or soda to invigorate us, why not really go for a better drink to reward your body? I learn that one of the most refreshing ways to cool off on a hot summer day is drinking a tall glass of iced green tea.

People in Eastern Asia like Japan and China have long known the benefits of drinking green tea.

Some bare facts about green tea.

It is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tree. The best green tea is grown in Japan and is harvested in the spring months. Recent research is revealing that this tea is particularly beneficial for your health. It is higher in antitoxins than the traditional black tea drunk in the West. Green tea has also been found to have vitamin C and fluoride.

Green tea has more of these properties than the traditional black teas because of the way it is processed is able to preserve its anti-oxidants and vitamins and reduce the level of caffeine.

There are various ways to serve up good refreshing green tea and I highly recommend all of us to change our dietary habit to something that is proven to be much healthier. Ditch your soda and coke and consume green tea. Yes it could be hard at the beginning. I found it hard at the beginning too, but the little voice in me kept encouraging me on. Now I find it tough without drinking at least a cup of green tea each day!