Monday, March 3, 2008

Maria Duval is not a scam

Many people have been saying that Maria Duval is not a real person and she does not exist, or she's just a front of a big scam. I know her business practice has been rather controversial, and I used to get very offended by such solicitations too.

Scamsters hide and stay in the dark all the time, however, Maria Duval does not hide or avoid. She has appeared in many media programs, mostly in France and Europe I gather. And, I think she must be rather old by now. On my part, I have also written a letter to Maria Duval requesting her to have some publicity especially to give more information about how she had helped people in the past? I hope to hear something? I'm not sure, just hope for some news on that.

I bought some of Maria Duval's products and services. Not all I find them useful and she refunded me fully. Those products which are useful I practise them according to what she says in her guides, which also contains a lot of wisdom in it. I benefited a lot after using it and it changes my life to something brighter and more positive. Luck comes more readily into my life after that too. I have not made a lot of windfall yet, but there are smaller ones along the way, such as those winnings I made at the riverboat sessions.

I thank Maria Duval for that and I think she really wants to help those less fortunates. I just do not want to see her being accused.

If you see this post and Maria Duval has helped you, please come in and post your comments. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of her scamming people. It's really unfair for such a kind lady. Her talisman helped me win some lottery money last year!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure of other's experience with Maria Duval but the 2 books I bought from her have helped me, I feel. In a nutshell, her advice centered around positive thinking to overcome the difficulties in your life. I agree. There's no quick fix to any problem, just perseverance and a forward-looking mind?

Philip said...

I did some research and found that maria has assisted the police in certain missing persons cases. Apparently she is even consulted by politicians. I believe that there is a certain energy that permeates the entire universe which affects all events big and small.

Some of us are blessed to be more sensitive to these energies. These are the psychics like maria. We can all choose to use psychics to sense energies and hopefully make them work in our favor.

That's why I think there are people who are very successful because they seem to "exude" an aura of energy (just look at Obama or Richard Branson). Perhaps they managed to sense and control these energies better than the rest of us?

Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that we can use people like maria to harness those energies - or we can ignore and do it our own way. The choice is ours!

Anonymous said...

bought a few products off-and-on; some are spot on, i particularly love maria duva's great book of secrets...the part relating to secrets of money matters,really helped me. i suspect those people who scream scam are those people who want to receive something(or everything) and not give anything back, you should learn from it.

Sceptical One said...

Hi, seeing your blog and the comments given by other fellow bloggers, I am surprised that so many people actually benefited from Maria. Sorry to say that I have a completely different experience from you lucky ones out there.

About year and a half ago, I got to know Maria through a friend who is like you and me, into believing in clairvoyants’predictions and astrology type of knowledge to enhance our lives and luck. I started purchasing Maria's “products” since then. So far, none of Maria’s predictions have ever come true for me; neither has any of her advice seemed to work for me. In fact, I was disappointed again and again, and even to a point where I started to question myself, if it is just me being so bloody unlucky or is this really the reality of life. I turned from being hopeful to skeptical now. Probably the only credit that I can give to Maria is that all the stuff and studies which I purchased from her so far, I have always received my money back when I returned them. This is the one and only credit that I can give her - at least I do not feel ripped off!

Anyway, having such ill-luck with Maria, I really do not think I will continue buying her books or any other items. One side of me, still do not mind receiving her mails, just as casual reading, but I truly think something miraculous gotta happened to me or my life, in order for me to get back on-track with Maria...

Arthur R. said...

Hi sceptical one, I guess I know how you feel. There is no equality when it comes to getting people to believe in certain thing or issue. For me, Maria also doesn't get 100% right each time, therefore, i'll just ask for the refund and I got it. So at least it feels better, just like what you have mentioned.

Well, I still have to be grateful to you for providing such an unbiased comment about Maria Duval. I sincerely wish you will get some rewarding experiences just like some of our friends here in the future!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

I ordered one of Maria DuVal's Free Talisman, which I gather should arrive within the next two weeks, and I am looking foward to receiving same.

It is my impression that other persons are using Maria DuVal's name to scam money from unsuspecting persons and therefore giving the wrong impression that SHE IS the scammer.

Keep up the good work Maria!