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Maria Duval - Inspiration helps you persist and achieve Success.

Inspiration helps you persist and achieve Success.
It takes lot of hard work, patience and persistance to achieve success. You have set your goals for what ever you want - personal, career or business success. You want a better life style, financial freedom or personal freedom. You want yourself in the league of suuccessful people. You have planned carefully and charted your route to success. You are enthusiastic and ready to put your hard work, time and energy.

Working along the way, problems creep up from any where or every where. It is quite natural to get problems. Very few or rare have cakewalk in their lives. Being determined, you start solving them one by one. Move forward. Difficulties seem to arise all along. You start loosing strength. Unable to keep up, you some how fall into negative thinking. Continuous negative thinking can develope into negative attitude. You start to loose confidence and energy.

You start looking for that Inspiration which can pull you up. That Inspiration which can make you persist on your path. That Inspiration which can make you work energetically. That inspiration which can motivate you to keep working. That inspiration which can enable you to increase your efficiency. That inspiration that can help you to stick to positive thinking. That can help you to maintain positive attitude. Where and how to find that critical Inspiration?

It is not that difficult to find Inspiration. Positive thinking and Positive Attitude with strong belief takes you more than half way. Surround yourself with Positive, Successful and Hepful people and you are almost there. You will be Inspired enough to Persist. You will be inspired enough to get motivation to keep working. You will be inspired enough to garner sufficient energy to work efficiently.

Inspiration is a critical key to success. It helps you persist on your path when going is tough. It can make you work with energy and efficiency. Inspiration combined with hard work, patience, motivation, perseverence and persistance can make you Successful.
Consequently you will achieve Success and your goals.

Ajoy Saah has Successful Online Business.

Ajoy Saah has Successful Online Business.

Does Positive Thinking Work?
Let's consider the antithesis to this question. Does negative thinking work?

Well, has there been a time when you have worried unduly about something? Maybe you were worried about an exam, a driving test, an interview. Chances are that your worst expectations came into fruition and even if you got the outcome you desired you recognised that you could have performed better had you not worried.

When we worry or have negative thoughts about something we are not allowing ourselves to think constructively about how to achieve what we want. We focus all our energy on the negative elements of a particular situation and what we put energy into grows.

Dr. Kathleen Hall writes in her book A Life in Balance,

"Affirmations are positive statements we tell ourselves. Our mind believes what we tell it. When you tell your brain positive information, you are feeding your brain extremely valuable food that heals your mind and body...When you tell yourself something over and over again, it gets recorded in your brain; then your mind and body believe it and you become what you have been telling yourself. A positive affirmation is a self-fulfilling prophecy."

This statement represents half of the picture because when we tell our brain, meaning our sub-conscious mind, negative information, when we repeatedly tell ourselves something which is negative it also gets recorded in the mind as if it were a true statement.

"A negative assertion is a self-fulfilling prophecy."

I was chatting to an acquaintance the other day. I could see she was tense and she was complaining of having headaches. I asked if she was worried about anything and she admitted that she was worried about a new job assignment. Now she wasn't worried about her ability to handle the assignment; she was worrying because she had this type of assignment before and didn't enjoy it. She was worrying herself sick and for no good reason.

"When you send your brain negative information, you are feeding your brain anti-nutrients that harm your mind and body."

Take getting a promotion at work. If we focus on why it's not possible to get the promotion and focus on our limitations then that's what we'll put our energy into. The presentation and or interview will roll around, we'll perform poorly, lose the opportunity and tell ourselves, "See, I knew I wasn't good enough!" "I knew I wouldn't get the promotion." We may even blame someone else �" "The boss doesn't like me." "Bob is more experienced than I. He was bound to get the position."

When we have these thoughts we give up our power to influence change in our lives. When we accept that we create our reality then we can choose our reality. We can become more aware players in this game called life.

So if negative thinking works then, by the Law of Polarity, the opposite must also true. As Larry King said in his introduction to a special edition of Larry King Live aired recently called The Power of Positive Thinking where he interviewed Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith, John DeMartini and JZ Knight,

"Positive thoughts can transform, can attract the good things you know you want."

However, holding on to positive thoughts is challenging. When we are born we are encoded with the genetic material of our parents and, it has been proven, with the genetic material of our ancestors �" that's a lot of hardwiring. We then grow up in an environment where the values of our parents and or guardians are also engrained into us whether it is 'information' that serves us in a negative or positive manner. Hence there is a lot of stuff to override. As Jack Canfield, puts it,

"We are a bundle of conditioned reflexes out of control."

We tend to put a lot of emotion into our negative thoughts compared to the emotion and energy we put into our positive thoughts. I can have a negative thought and if I don't invest too much emotion into it then I generally don't have to worry about it taking hold and manifesting itself. Unfortunately, we often invest a lot of energy and emotion into our negative thoughts and this simply serves to bring our worse fears into fruition even faster.

Conversely, when we say positive affirmations there can be an emotional detachment and a lack of consistency in saying them. Also, a lack of evidence in our visible world may cause our analytical conscious mind to filter and delete positive affirmations. Yet, if we are able to overcome this challenge and hold the thought in our mind of what we really want irrespective of our current circumstances then our outer world will eventually catch up with our inner world.

To demonstrate the power of positive thinking I'd like to go back to the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin, Italy. The men's Alpine skiing downhill race was won by 3 times French champion, Antoine Dénériaz. Dénériaz says,

"…since time that I said myself, "One day you will be World Champion, Olympic Champion…"

But Dénériaz was not expected to win. He had performed no better than sixth in a World Cup race this season. The commentators and many of the other competitors all talked about how tough the course was. The course also was getting progressively more demanding as the day wore on and more and more runs were completed.

Dénériaz was also the last of 30 seeded skiiers. None of this deterred Dénériaz. He knew he had a job to complete plus there was champagne waiting for him to drink.

You see Dénériaz had been applying the power of positive thinking to the extent he was so confident he was going to win and become Olympic Champion he bought champagne to celebrate beforehand!

Dénériaz skiied beautifully and won emphatically in a time of 1:48.80 stealing what had, until that point, looked like a sure gold medal, from Michael Walchhofer from Austria (1:49.52). Bruno Kernen of Switzerland was third with a time of 1:49.82.

The top US skier, Bode Miller, said in an interview afterwards,

"The way Dénériaz skied today, he was pretty much untouchable."

That positive thinking works can be proven scientifically. You, undoubtedly, will have heard of The Science of Getting Rich and The Science of Being Well. Positive thinking is "The Science of Getting What You Want".

Nickolove Lovemore is a Life & Success Coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner. Please visit for free ebook to fire up your positive thinking!

Improve Your Productivity With Healthy Living
Living a healthy lifestyle will not only make us feel better physically and mentally, but it can also greatly improve our productivity at home and work as well. Many people think they lack the time (or money) that it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle, but the fact is that it is far easier than one might think. Making small, simple changes that lead to a healthy lifestyle is as easy as taking a look at what we put in our bodies and how we treat ourselves on a day-to-day basis.

Eating properly is essential to providing our bodies with the proper fuel that is needed to get us through each day. Fueling our bodies with excess sugars and highly-processed foods increases the production of insulin in our systems, which eventually affects the sugar in our blood. This up and down in our blood sugar levels drain our energy and keep us from focusing on the tasks at hand.

Eating whole grains and complete proteins will level out the blood sugar and will also help decrease food cravings throughout the day. Our bodies are much better able to use the fuel supplied when the sources include lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. The result is sustained energy and proper nutrition. Highly-processed foods do not provide the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, and may actually harm us with additives such as Trans fats and preservatives.

Even if we practice proper eating habits, we may not always get the nutrition we need. If our diets are lacking nutrition due to a hectic lifestyle, supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and/or herbs can help. Deficiencies in many vitamins and minerals can cause problems with digestion, eyesight, and even sleeping patterns. Keeping the proper level of nutrients in our blood gives our bodies the added fuel when our diets fail to provide it. A good multi-vitamin will include most of what is needed, but choose a chewable brand for maximum absorption.

Another important factor in healthy living is staying hydrated. Providing hydration for our bodies is crucial to keeping our systems working optimally. Our bodies are composed mostly of water, and require about two liters of water per day, not only to maintain the proper water level, but to also flush out the impurities that are created through the body�s daily processes. Proper hydration is necessary in sustaining our energy, and also aids in properly burning the fuel we have taken in by way of food.

To burn the extra fuel we taken in, we must exercise and burn calories. Without exercise, our bodies will only burn so many calories daily. Any excess fuel will turn into those ugly fat deposits so many of us wish we didn�t have. It is now suggested that to lead a healthy lifestyle, one must incorporate a half hour of exercise each day. This can be fulfilled by simply taking a pleasurable one-mile walk during lunch or after work. Speed and distance aren't usually as important as keeping your body active on a daily basis. This alone should give you the pep and vitality needed to be more productive at home or work.

Finally, we should always listen to what our bodies are telling us when we are sick or feel "out of sorts." This is the body�s way of telling us to recognize that we aren�t leading as healthy a lifestyle as we should. If we make some of the simple changes mentioned above, we will go a long way putting our mind and bodies back in shape.

Wendy Betterini is a freelance writer and web designer in New England. She is the owner of, which features work/life balance tips for entrepreneurs, home business owners, telecommuters and freelancers. Visit today for more tips on balancing work and family under one roof.

Scents to Make You the Center of Attention
The sense of smell is perhaps the second most influential organ every man has next to sight. Our noses can recognize more than 400,000 different smells, and some aren't even known yet. In fact, we are able to recognize and select certain fragrances even if we take a whiff of all of them at just one time. Because of this stated truth, perfume makers make it a point to give lots of time and analytical research to be able to satisfy every lifestyle that exists. Impressions usually rely on how you smell during the first meeting. That's why men and women alike never dare to underestimate and challenge its power by showing up at any affair without first making sure that they smell fragrant. In the world of scents, designer perfumes are the ones that get the most attention. Not only are they designed to smell differently great, they are also the ones that linger longer. If you're at a party and you're wearing designer perfume, expect to gain the attention of several people in the gathering. On the contrary, if you smell bad but has nice tales to tell, relaying them for a whole day won't alter the fact that you smell bad. Of course, not all of the perfumes from designer brands are suitable for all. If you are a woman at the peak of your career and social life, perfumes like Nou can help intensify the variation between an impression of meekness and an air of influence. Nou is a combination of forest scents, specifically those of fresh-cut verbena, Mandarin zest, and Chinese ginger. You probably think that the belief that perfumes help in making someone confident is highly exaggerated. Why would it be important when it is just a perfume right? Wrong. Since the sense of smell has such a vast range, you'd best expect that it has quite large influences on how you behave towards different situations. For instance, Nou's root of iris and cinnamon scents afford an air of class and elegance to the person who wears it. So if you're feeling sad, perhaps a spritz of your favorite Nou fragrance or any perfume would boost your spirits. Scents definitely have the power to indicate whether you are getting along with society well. People often judge us by how we look and smell, at least, at first, so starting off on the right note is very crucial. Perfumes aren't just for the pretty, if you want to develop your personality, you can start choosing the designer scent you like the most.

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Loaner’s Remorse? A conversation between Juan Carlos and a billionaire named Yu.
Loaner’s Remorse? A conversation between Juan Carlos and a billionaire named Yu.

By Carl Pantejo

(Excerpt from: “My Friend Yu �" The Prosperity Mentor,” copyright Carl Pantejo 2007 �" Y.N. Vurce Publishing.

Note: In this article The Original Substance is the name used for: GOD, The One, Gaya, Infinite Intelligence, The Universe, etc. Please substitute this name with whatever name/word you are comfortable with.

A conversation between Juan Carlos “J.C.” and a billionaire named Yu:

…Even though I have a Master of Business Administration degree, I chronically found myself in the same situation: Too much month left over after the money. My friends thought I was a sap, too nice all the time. It’s just that when I saw someone in need, I felt compelled to help. Here in Thailand, it seemed that EVERYONE WAS IS NEED! IN NEED OF MY MONEY! Crying women would come over to my apartment and tell me all their troubles. I believed about one-half of those tales of woe.

“…In Asia, unless you are a bank or a loan shark, it’s common knowledge that there’s really no such thing as “loaning money” to people you know, you simply give it. If they pay you back, fine; but realistically, you shouldn’t expect to ever get it back. Consequently, I ended up giving, not loaning, a lot of my meager teacher’s salary to those people I believed were telling me the truth about their current crisis. Unfortunately for me, and I’m sure you’ve noticed this too; almost all Asians believe that all foreigners are wealthy, “Walking ATM’s”! This lead to most of the recipients to not repaying any money back at all; even when they were able to; because those foreigners are all rich and don’t need the money anyway.” I said, with the bitterness that comes from “loaner’s remorse.”

“J.C., first off; don’t let your friends make you feel like you’ve been a patsy, a pawn that unscrupulous people have manipulated in the past. Your friends have a narrow view of the Universe. And you need not feel depressed at the “lost money” you gave away. If you gave it away with goodness, a truly honest aim to help another human being in a real crisis (no ulterior motives, no strings attached); you will surely get a magnified, return of goodness back from the Universe. It may not be from the same person you helped; but from someone else they positively affected, or the person of the person they affected. It is okay to know that (and expect) a return of goodness from your benevolence. It will enable you to keep the faith and continue giving graciously, cheerfully. The mistake most people make in giving is to expect the positive return to come from the one, particular beneficiary (or beneficiaries) of their good deed. It doesn’t usually happen that way.

The Original Substance keeps perfect “karmic accounting records.” Sometimes many little good deeds on your part are “saved up,” then a huge positive return from the universe is given to you (usually in the form of something you really needed and always at the perfect time). It is inevitable. So, never feel taken advantage of or get into a depressed state over possibly giving something to someone that might have been undeserving. Just give and let it go. The Original Substance always remembers the spirit in which your gifts were given and, in its wonderful and surprising way, rewards you with a magnified return of the perfect goodness for you, at the perfect time for you.

One caveat: If the same people are chronically in need of your financial help and have grown always to depend on you instead of trying to help themselves, then this is not a crisis; it is a condition, a negative condition. In such instances, the best thing to do is show them how to better themselves. You’re not doing them (or you) any good when you nurture that kind of disempowering dependency. It’s the classic “give a man a fish” principle.

So what if some people were dishonest and accepted your money on false pretenses? You may never know; so let it go. Why waste time, energy, and emotion on an issue that may, or may not be true? And if you find out later that, yes, you were taken in by a con artist, don’t hold a grudge. FORGIVE THEM - NOT FOR THEM, BUT FOR YOU. THERE’S NOTHING POSITIVE FOR YOU IN KEEPING THE NEGATIVITY INSIDE. HARBORING NEGATIVITY WILL ONLY ATTRACT MORE NEGATIVITY. Rest assured. The Universe will still remember your true intentions and reward you; while returning an appropriate, magnified payback to the wrongdoer. Acting on true, honest intention is your job. Doing things in the Certain Way is you job. Fulfilling your desires and managing consequences is the Original Substance’s job. In the end, it’s all good…”

(Excerpt from: “My Friend Yu �" The Prosperity Mentor,” copyright Carl Pantejo 2007 �"Y.N. Vurce Publishing.

Carl Pantejo

About the Author:

He is a retired U.S. Military veteran. Believing that school was too boring, he dropped out of High School early; only to earn an A.A., B.S., and MBA in less then 4 years much later in life �" while working full-time as a Navy/Marine Corps Medic. In spite of a fear of heights and deep water, he free-fall parachuted out of airplanes and performed diving ops in very deep, open ocean water. He went to Thailand 1 year ago for a week’s vacation, fell into a teaching job, and has never left!

Carl Pantejo,
Author, "My Friend Yu - The Prosperity Mentor”
Founder, Y.N. Vurce Publishing

He is a retired U.S. Military Veteran. In spite of a fear of heights and deep water, free-fall parachuted out of airplanes and performed diving ops in deep ocean water. He is currently teaching English in Thailand.

Creating Positive Change -- There Is No Beginning Too Small
Have you ever had the feeling while reading a newspaper, listening to a lecture, or sitting around a dinner table talking with friends about current events, that “Something ought to be done about that”? Or perhaps you have felt appalled by an injustice of some sad event and thought, “What is to be done?” Some events, especially those at the global level, seem insurmountable -- poverty, injustice, and environmental degradation, for example. And even in our local communities, we seem beset with problems -- destructive behavior, a lack education in the arts, cruelty to animals -- that may make us feel upset. Such shock or sadness about the state of the world or even everyday problems signals our recognition that things can be otherwise. Differences can be made. Hope persists. Recognizing a problem and feeling that things can change is the beginning of change itself. If you have had this experience, you can be part of the change; you can dream and develop a vision and a plan of action. Gandhi wrote that “we must be the change we wish to see,” and I agree. He meant, I think, that we must embody the change itself, but I would add that we must dare to dream of change for the sake of the world. In this short article, I would like to share with you how I came to believe this idea. I hope the story will be helpful to you as you address issues that upset and concern you in your community and in the world. Briefly, here is what happened to me: Back in 1987, I began to dream of creating an organization that would help women around the world be strengthened and empowered. The idea became a passion, and I worked with others to put together The Global Fund for Women, which grew from the seed of an idea to a fully developed organization, now about twenty years old and the largest foundation in the world working to support the human rights of women. In other words, from a dream came the reality. In the course of developing The Global Fund for Women, I came to know that the way an organization does its work is more important than what it does. I also learned that there can be some definable steps toward effecting change. First you must dare to dream of positive change and then clarify that vision. Try to be as clear as possible about what you hope to do and why. As you dream of creating a program or an organization that will “change the world” at whatever level you may wish to work, people may suggest that you are being “unrealistically idealistic.” Never mind; that may be a good thing. Major change seldom occurs without seemingly “unrealistic” ideas. Your dream will act to galvanize others. My dream of getting money directly into the hands of grass-roots women around the world in respectful, trusting, and flexible ways inspired a good number of people. My experience urges you to let yourself dream and then clarify the vision. Very soon, however, our dreams must be turned into reality if we want to see real change. Here is a quote from the Baha’I writer, Abdu’l-Baha, which I like very much: “What profit is there in agreeing that universal friendship is good, and talking of the solidarity of the human race as a grand ideal? Unless these thoughts are translated into the world of action, they are useless. The wrong in the world continues to exist just because people talk only of their ideals and do not strive to put them into practice.” In other words, as you seek to make change, you need to take very specific actions to give reality to your dreams. I found that a good beginning is to meet with others, even two or three friends, and talk about your vision for change. Begin to write down your ideas. Decide to meet again to figure out how to proceed. Take on different responsibilities for the program or organization -- deciding when, how often, and where you will meet and what specific programs you will undertake. One or two of your friends will begin to think about writing a brochure or a statement of the vision and purpose of your enterprise. Another will begin to think of sources of money, including your own donations, if your activities are going to require funds (for publications, advertising, travel, or whatever). Begin as volunteers until you truly find that you need to hire people to run the project. Most important, be clear about your vision and purpose. If people say that your dream is too big or that it “can’t be done,” try not to be brought down by such negative thoughts. Instead, address the central issue that they raise and think positively about whether or how to address their criticisms; it may be necessary to avoid negative people for a while. Giving reality to a dream can be hard work, and one doesn’t want to be burdened with negativism. Make a note of constructive criticism for future reference; in the beginning, your ideas for change need to be nurtured. At this time of beginnings, think not only of what you want to do but the way you want to do it: what is the nature of the program or organization that you want to build? Do you want it to be an “idea factory”? If so, be sure to seek out people very different from yourself to ensure that they will bring in perspectives that you will not think of. Do you want it to be a calm and gentle place? If so, think of ways that your group can set in place processes that allow people to feel safe and calm. Are you working on issues of social justice? If so, make sure that your everyday practices in the group recognize and respect differences and that the day-to-day work practices are based on respect, trust, and compassion. The medium is the message: the way you do your work is more important than what you do. I suppose that these thoughts on the very beginning of change may seem very simple. They are. But they will get you started to create change. There is no beginning too small.

Based on the book Paradigm Found. (June 2006;$14.95US; 1-57731-533-2)Copyright © 2006 by Anne Firth Murray. Reprinted with permission of New World Library, Novato, CA. or 800/972-6657 ext. 52. Anne Firth Murray, the founding president of The Global Fund for Women, serves on the boards and advisory groups of several social change organizations and is a consulting professor at Stanford University. Her website is

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